Google Allowing Tethering Applications for Non T-Mobile Users

Remember how we told you that Google was banning all tethering applications from Android Market and didn't look so "open" while doing so? Well, we might have spoke too soon. Google has backtracked and is now allowing tethering applications for users outside of the T-Mobile US network.

According to Google:

“We inadvertently unpublished your application for all mobile providers; if you like, we can restore your app so that all Android Market users outside the T-Mobile US network will have access to your application” Google statement to WiFi Tether for Root Users developer

This is a sigh of relief because Android isn't supposed to represent banning, denials, and closed (that's for the iPhone). Android is supposed to be the cute little green robot, the open source system, and the friendly--you come to Android expecting a certain amount of freedom and allowance.

We understand that if applications violate T-Mobile's Terms of Service, it's a no go. Thankfully, Google has allowed other Android users on other carriers access to the tethering applications.

[via androidcommunity]

Casey Chan