Google adds a couple new beta track options for developers

Google today announced two new methods of beta testing that will give developers even more options for testing apps before production release. Here's the deal:

  • Open beta testing basically just removes the requirement that a user join a Google+ Community or Google Group. One click on the opt-in link and a user will be able to use the beta track. Developers can limit the number of users in the open beta, however.
  • Closed beta via email address lets you control the group of testers with their email addresses. (Again, basically another option that doesn't require G+ or Groups use.) Devs can upload addresses individually, or as a batch with a .csv file.

The current methods of managing testers through Google+ Communities (which is what we've been using for our betas) or through Google Groups still remains. Google in its blog post said that some 80 percent of developers are taking advantage of the beta testing scheme in Google Play.

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Phil Nickinson