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Google acquires gesture technology startup Flutter

Although it acquires companies at a pretty regular pace, Google acquired a notable startup this week called Flutter. You may not have heard of Flutter before, but it is a startup that focused on gesture recognition technology for use with standard camera interfaces such as webcams. Its only shipping product, a popular Mac and Windows app, will continue to work according to a statement posted on its own blog confirming the purchase.

Even though it may not have a long history of popular products, Google must have seen something in the company that was enticing. Touchless interfaces are one of the future input methods being researched by many companies, and Google is surely one of them. Maybe a few folks who know a thing or two about seeing and recognizing gestures could help with some future products in the pipeline.

Source: Flutter; Via: TechCrunch

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  • And the endless possibilities there if they implement this with Android! Posted by the man who makes things happen...
  • This does sound pretty interesting, I'm excited!
  • Really?! Didn't see that coming.
  • And here comes chromecast 2.0
  • I'm guessing Google saw PATENTS.....
  • Interesting. Moto X with gestures like the Samsung Galaxy S4 or maybe another experiment to shutdown in a few years.
  • google bought the company not motorola
  • And Google owns Motorola. SO basically anything Google has access to, Moto does too, but they aren't supposed to treat Moto any different than other OEMs. So I see the OPs logic, but no idea what will happen.
  • First, Google ownes Moto Mobility, not Moto. Second Moto Mobility being a subsidiary does not have access to everything Google does...not remotely. Third, Google is not even allowed to show preference to Moto for 5 years legally, and said it wouldn't ever to appease other OEMs...
  • I don't think your right about that man, im not tripping but if u go to moto website it clearly says a Google company, I believe they own all of Motorola bro. Just saying, type the website in and you see nothing but moto x.
  • Kinect for Chrome?
  • ¿Que? Posted via Android Central App
  • Isn't the Xbox Kinect based on the same concept -- gesture recognition technology? Maybe Google will incorporate gesture recognition into Chrome OS or Android. I wonder if a gesture-responsive webcam could ever replace a mouse or track-pad or the need to even touch a screen.
  • Holy crap, this is the coolest news I've heard all day! I love using Flutter for my music. Can't wait to see what crazy awesome experiments Google does with this!