Goodnight Lad

I don't usually bring my smartphone in for a bedtime story, but a recent Kickstarter reward I received gave me reason to consider it. Goodnight Lad is a young children's story where every page is extended through the use of augmented reality. You install the app, point your phone at the page, and the main character and his friends spring to life for your child.

It's a clever use of AR, not because it's a kids story, but because the experience is so complete. Each page can be read to your child through the app, and the Kickstarter included outfit changes and cards to extend the story and share with friends. The app itself is nice and easy to use, and it locks on to the AR targets on the page nice and fast. It's by far the most compelling and enjoyable AR experience I've seen in a while, right down to the interactive menu on the first page.

The book is now available for $20, though currently the extra cards from the Kickstarter don't appear to be available. There's a demo in the app if you're not quite sold on the idea yet, which you can check out through the Google Play Store. I wouldn't go so far as to call this the next big thing in bedtime stories, but for $20 it's a nice way to shake things up and have some fun while reading a book.