Goals in Google Calendar will help find some time for yourself

Google Calendar's latest feature for those on mobile is Goals. This handy addition to the cloud-based service will automatically book time out of your day to achieve set goals. Should you want to learn a new language or get fit, Calendar will be able to work around meetings, scheduled events and more to ensure you stick to it. You'll be able to configure these goals and set how frequently you wish to set time aside in any given week. Calendar will then monitor your list of events and re-arrange goals accordingly.

Deferring, editing or even removing set goals will provide Calendar with better understanding as how to approach that specific goal around your busy life. It's a neat feature and is one we're sure many will take full advantage of if they rely on Calendar (or similar apps) to free up some time and get stuff done when out of the office. There's no longer the excuse of "I just don't have the time to do it," as Calendar will ensure you have that set time aside for any life goals or self-improvement sessions.

The feature made good timing too as Calendar turns 10 years old today.

Rich Edmonds