Gmail update in the Android Market, brings priority inbox to mobile

Gmail just got an update to add some of those cool UI improvements -- and it's been moved into the Android Market. This means that from now on, you won’t have to wait for system updates to get Google’s latest and greatest e-mail client. You will find some pretty cool improvements in this particular update including a much better implementation of how "quoted text" works within e-mail threads as well as limited (for now) support for Google’s new Priority Inbox feature – just be sure to enable it on your desktop version of Gmail first.

You need Froyo to take advantage, and we've got the download links after the break. [Google

Adam Sawyer
  • I'm getting an "installation unsuccessful" error when I try to install this on a Droid Incredible running Virtuous 2.7...anybody else having problems?
  • Unsuccessful with Skyraider 3.0 RC3 Vanilla also.
  • Yes sir. Unsuccessful for me as well. Heading to XDA to check the developer threads.
  • Custom Roms may not allow this to install. Remember, when you install a custom rom, you're changing the way your device identifies itself to Google's servers.
  • Works Fine for Evo on CM6
  • I was able to install it on my Nexus One (latest CyanogenMod Nightly), however, I don't see any improvements. It didn't ask me if I wanted to update either. I currently have Gmail version 2.3
  • Wierd. My nexus did the same thing. Was running Gmail 2.2. Market showed 2.3, but did not flag it as new. It did offer an install button, and it did upgrade. I am seeing some odd behavior.
    If you compose in some desktop clients and pause to refill your coffee cup, the message gets saved as a draft. When you return, and finish the posting, these are supposed to be deleted. Yet I see these already sent emails in my Drafts folder. I don't know if the blame lies with my desktop (thunderbird) or the Gmail app on the phone. Of course, if you don't sign on with the Web Client and configure for priority inbox you will never see a difference in your folder structure. Once you do, you will see an "Important" inbox.
  • The android 2.2 upgrade had a gmail update in it for the Incredible. Hopefully it won't effect it.
  • I don't see any differences. I'm also running 2. 3 that I just loaded from the market. Don't see the priority inbox either. I already had priority inbox enabled on the web client.
  • I just installed it and while I don't see any priority inbox, I do notice an "important" label now which appears to be what was in my priority inbox.
  • Exactly. Also for those not seeing an IMPORTANT folder, log onto google mail with your web browser and set up your Priority Inbox. Google: What would have been the harm in calling this new folder "Priority"? And one more thing.....
    Oddly, the Important Folder is not Set to Sync. What's up with that?
  • The Important folder isn't EXACTLY your Priority Inbox: it's everything with a label of "Important", even things that aren't in your inbox (like items that have been archived). What I'd really like is to be able to open the GMail app and automatically see the results of the search "label:important in:inbox".
  • PSA For those of you running custom ROMS: This might not work on all custom roms because your device's ID may not line up to match the one that google expects, so it will fail to authenticate. You'll have to wait for your Rom developers to build the right id into the code, or just release the modified .apk
  • Nexus 1 here. Inbox seems to load a lot faster and loading older messages seems quicker. Reply/star buttons at the top are new instead of scrolling to the bottom and seeing the mostly text links. I'm wondering though, will people who don't actively go into the market and download this app (it's like 6th in the list searching 'gmail' on appbrain) will they get the notice of the update?
  • There are just a few small difference. I've only noticed that now you dont have to scroll all the way down the email to reply. It now has the new sliding tab thingy in the top right corner to star a message, reply, reply all, and forward.
  • The top right tab has been there since the last update, a month or two ago. Installed fine on my N1 running todays CM nightly build.
    Would be better if priority was called that in the phone app, better consistency with the desk top version.
  • Still no pinch to zoom or double tap to zoom.
  • Installs fine on CyanogenMod 6.0.0 for the Moto Droid.
  • I don't see the priority inbox stuff (probably cause I don't use it :) ) However other small touches I like... CM latest on dinc..
  • The link doesn't work as of 3:58pm, EST (NY)
    There are no matches in Android market for the search:
  • Running stock on my DINC, installed fine. Only thing I have really noticed is the new buttons at the top of the email. I am however happy that they put this on the market, so that future updates can be put out more easily.
  • link down
  • But you DO know how to run the Market app, right?
  • yeah. the link doesn't work on this page.
  • A little more detail, perhaps? Cause it works just fine on the N1 (CM6) and Evo 4G
  • DX click on link and goes to "no matches ... plus google link to article is down and I'm an idiot, didn't see froyo required.
  • That's why I love my Nexus One...all updates install with zero problems. Noticed that emails do open faster and also improved reply/forward buttons on top! Looking forward to future updates.
  • It seems to have freed up some memory on my unrooted Droid. I was running 2.2.1 that came from the G2 before I updated.
  • no problems updating droid incredible
  • This update appears to have corrected the push notification problems for the secondary gmail accounts post Froyo update. Anybody else notice the same thing?
  • I was about to comment that its still not working for me...did you do anything different after installing the Gmail update?
    - on Evo 4G
  • Yes, I went in to the account settings and went the the secondary account under manage accounts and hit the sync all. After that I was getting notifications again. I did that before after I noticed the problem and when AC wrote the article but it didn't work then.
  • I've never seen this problem. I think it must be something in settings rather than an actual gmail issue. I have three gmail accounts on the same phone and I get notifications for all three one right after another.
  • It's not keeping the header at the top of the screen as I scroll through the email body. If I want to reply I have to scroll back to the top of the message. I don't think it's supposed to do that.
  • Just wait for a few seconds and the header will reappear ;-)
  • Nope, waited for 30 seconds and nothing appeared.
  • Not sticking to the top of the screen for me, either (no matter how long I wait). HTC Incredible with stock Sense froyo.
  • Ditto. I downloaded a version from the web a couple of weeks ago and the floating header worked great. Now after the update, it doesn't stay on the page.
  • I successfully updated gmail on my evo.
  • Finallyyyyyuy, when I get an instant notification email from a forum, the link will work each time! The new link in threads would get cut off because of quoted text.. I am so happy right now cuz I just complained about that on the google boards in a thread over a year old and now its fixed! Drinks are on me!
  • For all you custom Rom users, you gonna need to head to the gmail.apk file located at /system/app and rename it to gmail.apk.old, restart your handset, download Gmails new version via market and enjoy...
    I cant take credit to this prodecure as i copy pasted it out off XDA forum, so all credits go to em.
    your rom should have the system write overlay in order to keep the apk renamed after restart.
  • I don't see how to enable Priority Inbox on the app... I'm using it on my laptop, of course. Don't see any options, unless they're simply referring to the ability to include "Important" as a label. Any more info on how this should work and how to enable it?
  • It does not appear to fix the Froyo bug of not refreshing secondary Gmail accounts. Very frustrating.
  • I am using a Fascinate, but I cannot find the application in the Market Place. Anyone else using a Fascinate who has been able to make this work?
  • Scroll to the top of the page... just under the bar code there is a link with the text market link for mobile browsers. Simply select that link and your phone should go to the market and grab the app.
  • Aside from the fact that the installation got "stuck" before declaring that it was complete, everything seems to be fine for me. It has the slightly improved "sticky" action bar at the top of emails as you scroll (pictured in the article above) and the "Important" label now shows up in the label list. This is the Priority Inbox. In order to see it, though, I think you have to first go to your gmail account on the web and turn on the option to display the "Important" label. This is in addition to activating the Priority Inbox on your account (which has you have to do first, of course). As for the hung install... I restarted my phone thinking I would have to redo the install, but after the phone restarted, the new Gmail app install was already complete. It just got stuck before reporting that it was complete I think. No worries. It seems to be working fine and the improvements are there for me. -SR-
  • Installed fine on my HTC Incredible (Froyo) and performs great with HTC Sense, AWD.Launcher, and LauncherPro. Nice update. Thanks.
  • push has stopped working!!!!! No its not in my kill apps list
    yes i have push turned on
    yes i have auto sync turned on wtf.. stupid update
    oh, it also updated/installed automatically, was visible in the shop, but only for download, not upgrade. HTC Desire
    Android 2.2