Gmail for Android and iOS gains summary cards for flights and purchases

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What you need to know

  • Gmail will surface essential details from the message and display it in a card style at the top of the email.
  • For flights, info such as take-off, landing times, and duration will be pulled.
  • The feature is rolling out now to both Android and iOS users.

For many people, Gmail is the go-to email app of choice — and for a good reason. Google keeps the app fresh and is continuously adding new features to make it more helpful, and its latest rollout is no different.

When using Gmail on the web, you may have noticed that some emails look a little different than others — specifically those centered around your travel arrangements. Those emails get a card-like treatment where the pertinent details of your travel will be pulled from the body of the email and presented clearly just below the subject. Well, 9to5Google found that this very helpful feature is making its way to the mobile app on Android and iOS. Not only will travel be summarized, but so will key purchases.

Source: 9to5Google

The way that it will work is that when you get an email for an upcoming flight or a purchase, whether that is a digital or from a retailer, a card will show up just below the subject line. For flights, info such as confirmation number, take-off and landing times, duration, seat number, and passenger name will be presented clearly for a quick glance to ensure it's correct. If there are both departing and returning flights, Gmail will show multiple cards.

In terms of purchases, you can expect to see the retailer you purchased from, the total cost, and what was bought. It seems that the summary card will also have shortcuts for things like tracking info when it applies. When you want to, the cards can be quickly collapsed to get it out of the way of further reading.

The summary card feature seems to be rolling out now and should be available for Android and iOS Gmail app users soon.

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