36 different 2014 GM models compatible with the new RemoteLink services

GM announced today that it will offer two of its previously paid OnStar RemoteLink services -- door unlock and remote start -- free for 5 years on three dozen of its 2014 car models. GM says that remote start and unlock are by far the most popular services currently available as part of the paid OnStar service, so it's great to see it offering these free for so long. The 5 year free period begins when you first link up the OnStar RemoteLink app to your 2014 vehicle, and if you continue to use it past that period you can simply pay and retain the functionality.

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Beyond the new free level of services, the RemoteLink app also offers a whole host of services and functions if you choose to pay for the entire suite. With the paid OnStar service users can view engine system statuses such as oil and fuel level, check recent miles per gallon, check tire pressure and have one-touch access to OnStar operators for emergency assistance. If you have a current GM vehicle with remote services available, you can give the app a try from the link above.

Source: GM