Parents know how difficult it can be to keep kids interested in their schooling — especially in 2020. Now that various schools across the country have closed and are moving to virtual programs, online learning is becoming an even more important option than before. Then again, your child doesn't have to be restricted to your county's online offerings either.

Adventure Academy was designed as a way to help kids ages 8 through 13 not only learn at home but to keep them entertained and having fun while doing so. It's an immersive virtual world your kids can explore while playing educational games and activities to brush up on their knowledge in important school subjects such as language arts, math, science, and social studies, among others.

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Now, thanks to the site's latest sale, you can score an entire year of Adventure Academy for your child at over 60% off the full cost. At just $45, that matches the lowest price we've seen offered for the annual service.

Make Learning Fun

Adventure Academy online learning for kids

Adventure Academy is an immersive virtual world designed to keep children ages 8 through 13 learning while they're at home. Kids will learn language arts, math, science, social studies, and more through games and fun activities to keep them involved.

$45.00 $119.88 $75 off

Alternatively, Adventure Academy has a monthly option available for $9.99, though that would end up amounting to $120 after a full year of monthly payments. Today's deal lets you save $75 off that cost. Meanwhile, Adventure Academy's sister site ABC Mouse is a better option for children younger than 8. There's also ReadingIQ if you're hoping to focus your child's studies on reading, though it's intended for those who are in preschool up to the 6th grade.

Best of all, Adventure Academy is available to download on various devices so your child can play and learn anywhere, including on computers, smartphones, and tablets. Inside the game, kids can customize their own character and unlock new outfits to wear, play with friends, and even decorate their own player home.

If you're unsure about whether one of the sites is the right fit, you can start a free 30-day trial of ABCmouse or free 30-day trial of Adventure Academy to let your child give either one a test run before paying for the annual subscription.