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This insane Microsoft 365 Cyber Monday deal covers your whole family for (basically) $50

Office desktop apps
Office desktop apps (Image credit: Android Central)

If you're somehow unfamiliar with Microsoft 365, it's what replaced Office 365 and is the go-to package for those seeking the best productivity tools in the business. If you have a family that's always online and need multiple licenses for access to apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more, this Cyber Monday deal is just for you.

Microsoft is offering a 12-month subscription to the Microsoft 365 Family package for just $100, allowing up to six people to gain access to the aforementioned apps, as well as some other goodies. We found a better deal on Amazon (opens in new tab), however, which price matched Microsoft and even threw in a free $50 gift card!

With Microsoft 365 Family, you and your loved ones get 12-months of access to Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Excel, and Outlook. Not only that, but a total of 6TB worth of OneDrive storage is included, resulting in 1TB for each account. And because this is a subscription package for 12 months, you won't have to worry about renewing for a while.

The best part about Microsoft 365 is you're not locked down to any one platform. You can provide access to this suite of apps on a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. Each install counts as one device, so you can have three people with two devices added or six people with a single device each.

Considering the single subscription for one person costs $6.99 each month, paying just shy of $9 for six people is a great deal. While you do need to keep up with regular (be it monthly or annual) payments, an advantage to a package like this is you'll receive all the latest updates at no additional charge. This deal ends in 16 hours, so be sure to get in before time runs out!