Ghost of Tsushima: Legends release date is set for October 16, bringing co-op multiplayer and New Game Plus

Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Image
Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Image (Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

What you need to know

  • Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is an upcoming free co-op multiplayer mode.
  • Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is set to be released on October 16.
  • It's being accompanied by a New Game Plus mode and some other additions.

Sucker Punch Productions and PlayStation revealed Ghost of Tsushima: Legends a couple of months ago. It's a co-op multiplayer mode being added to the game for free. Today, PlayStation announced that Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is set to release on October 15. It'll be part of the version 1.1 patch, which is also adding new features to the main game via New Game Plus.

You can see a trailer outlining everything coming in this update below.

There are four classes in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, consisting of the Samurai, Hunter, Ronin and Assassin. Each has different advantages and disadvantages and can be equipped with mixed kinds of gear. There are two-player co-op missions and four-player survival modes to undertake, with a Raid coming after launch.

New Game Plus in Ghost of Tsushima is adding a new horse as well as new armor dyes that can only be purchased with special flowers, found only in New Game Plus and perfect for customizing the full list of armor in the game. Players will also be able to set up armor loadouts, meaning it's easy to swap out your gear and prepare for different kinds of missions on the fly.

Ghost of Tsushima released earlier this year and sold 2.4 million copies in its first three days. In our review, we noted that it felt like a solid samurai adventure.

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