Epoch 2 for Android

Amazing graphics and gameplay, and hey, robots

A most excellent 3D shooting game has found its way to Android recently called Epoch 2. Players control a badass robot through a desolate post-apocalyptic landscape in a mission to save the princess.

Along the way, you find useful bits of scrap, slap them together, upgrade your frame, and blow up a lot of other robots in the process. The controls are very finger-friendly thanks to swipe-based dodges between bits of cover, and a targeting/firing system that finds a good balance between ease of use while maintaining challenging gameplay. To get a sense of what's up here, check out our review of the original Epoch. Keep in mind the graphics have had a hefty overhaul and there are a lot of new gameplay mechanics.

Epoch 2 is one of my favorite shooting games on iOS, and I can guarantee you won't be disappointed with the Android version. In-app purchases are employed if you want to fast-track progress, though in my experience they're very optional. Epoch 2 is just $2.50 up front as part of a half-off launch sale. Who's in?