Get lost in space with an out of this world wallpaper!

Space is a place that's easy to get lost in. It's a vast void of darkness and light, of choking chill and the fire of a million suns. Space is the final frontier, and we may be a few centuries away from exploring it, that doesn't mean we can't look up at the stars and dream what it'd be like to sail betwixt them. Well, I can't get anyone off this planet, but we can all blast off with an out of this world wallpaper, so Ground Control to Major Tom, commencing countdown, engines on!

Look at the sky, tell me what do you see?

Looking up at the night sky for most of us treats us to a few brighter stars, maybe the moon, and a lot of darkness. But imagine if you looked at at night to a scene like this? Granted, some of the stars here are closer than any others will every be to Earth, but look at the color, the vibrancy, the activity. Look at all the stars, all the worlds there are out there! This wallpaper makes me wonder about the life, the wonder, the mysteries that are just waiting up in the sky, waiting to be found.


How much life could this galaxy sustain?

The universe is a vast, vast place with unspeakable beauty. While we keep sending telescopes and cameras out to capture and catalog that beauty, the truth is that we'll never see most of it. Thankfully that hasn't stopped artists from imaging what the farthest reaches of space look like, and this collection of wallpapers shows us galaxies that we may never reach, but that we can at least reach for.

Galaxy Collection from New Revolution

3... 2... 1...

We're still a few years from Mars, but test flights like this Orion launch get us closer and closer to the red planet. This shot featured on NASA's website from the test flight of the Orion spacecraft may not be blasting off to distant world quite yet, but we know it's coming. And while we can't plaster up a launch that hasn't happened yet as our wallpaper, this liftoff helps remind us the raw power and science that goes into each and every flight.

Orion Liftoff by NASA

Reach for the sky

Spacex may not be the only game in town when it comes to the new space race, but they are without a doubt the most visible. Their programs are not only helping us get closer and closer to a new age of space travel, they're helping re-ignite a focus on science and technology, especially for the millions of kids (and kids at heart) who watch the Spacex livestreams and cheer when they have a successful launch and landing. This wallpaper, like Spacex itself, reaches for the heavens, to slip the surly bonds of Earth and explore the final frontier.

Spacex Launch

Something we all need to do... especially when a billion dollar rocket is on the line.

If you're reading this site, you're probably the person all your family and friends turn to for help with technology. You're the one they turn to when an app won't work or their camera won't save pictures or their computer's making funny noises and smoking a little bit. Spacex, being run and staffed by smart people who are likely turned to for technological help on and off the clock, have the polite version of the phrase we all want to scream sometimes emblazoned on one of their landing pads. And now you can emblazon it on your screen.

Just Read The Instructions{.cta .large}

Space, the final frontier

Okay, so I'm in a bit of a Star Trek withdrawal. Yes, I know we're finally getting another Star Trek show this fall, and I have every hope that Discovery succeeds. Yes, I know we've got hundreds upon hundreds of episodes to rewatch, to say nothing of the movies or the unhealthy amount of Star Trek fanfiction I find myself reading. But I find myself yearning. There's always going to be something about the Enterprise and her crew that tugs at the heartstrings, especially when portrayed so ethereally, and while I'm not getting any more shenanigans with the original crew anytime soon, I can stare at this wallpaper and imagine the interplanetary drama and danger unfolding...

Also, Noble-6 has an excellent collection of captain posters that work wonderfully as wallpapers if you're looking for something a little more vintage.

Suicide by Star by Noble--6

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