Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

After releasing first for game consoles and later for the iPhone and iPad, developer Lucid Games and publisher Activision have brought its 3D arcade shooter Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions to Android devices, It's available in both the Google Play Store and the Amazon Appstore for $4.99. The game is the latest in the series where players have to shoot waves of enemies in 3D grids, with a bunch of modes and power-ups to choose from. Here's what players can expect:

The game includes a single-player Adventure mode with 50 unique levels and a range of challenge modes, as well as five Classic modes inspired by past titles in the Geometry Wars franchise. It also contains climactic boss battles, competitive global & Facebook-friend based leaderboards, and five powerful companion drones and super abilities apiece, each upgradeable for tremendous firepower and utility. The Android and Fire tablet editions of Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions feature naturally effortless one-touch & dual-stick controls, achievements and support for Bluetooth controllers.