Garmin's Vivofit Jr. 2 activity trackers are a fantastic way to motivate your kids. Today the company announced that Spider-Man is joining the existing lineup of characters, which include Disney Princesses, Minnie Mouse, Star Wars, and The Avengers. The new Spider-Man tracker is available in both red and black for $79.99.

This tracker keeps a log of steps, sleep, active minutes, and more. The battery lasts over one year. To keep kids motivated, there's a free themed corresponding app that will let your child go on adventures alongside Spidey. They'll soar above cities, fight Vulture and Green Goblin, and more. The more activities they complete and exceed, the more they unlock within the app.

There's also a companion app available for iOS and Android which will assist parents in the family fitness journey. You can view your child's activity, assign chores, schedule reminders, and even create fun challenges. In addition, you can reward kids with virtual coins. Perhaps 50 virtual coins can be redeemed for more video game time? Or 100 coins constitutes a special dessert treat? Agree on a reward and watch your little ones learn that exercise can be both fun and gratifying.

The Garmin Spider-Man Vivofit Jr. 2 is currently available at Amazon for $79.99.

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