Fitness app Supernatural officially joins Oculus Studios

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What you need to know

  • Within, the developers behind hit VR fitness game Supernatural, are joining Oculus Studios.
  • Meta completed the acquisition after a months-long challenge by the FTC over alleged monopolistic practices.
  • Supernatural has been a Quest-exclusive game since its launch in Spring 2020.

Oculus Studios has officially grown by one more developer today as Meta and Within have announced the successful completion of the acquisition announced last year. Within makes the popular VR fitness app, Supernatural, a game that launched right when the pandemic began in 2020 and benefitted significantly from the need to work out at home.

Meta and the FTC sparred over the acquisition since it was announced last year, but many accused the FTC of going after Meta because of a vendetta it had against the company. The FTC brought forth the suit alleging monopolistic practices since the company already owned Beat Saber developer Beat Games. The idea was that Meta would own the two most popular VR fitness apps, thereby entering a monopoly state on that particular market niche.

Knee strikes in Supernatural on Meta Quest 2

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We've considered Supernatural to be one of the best Quest 2 games since its launch because of the app's ability to successfully meld the feeling of an actual workout by gamifying the traditional workout formula. Supernatural is updated every day with a new workout that's set to popular music and led by an actual coach, giving the game an advantage over some of its competitors. Supernatural has been a Quest-exclusive since launch and likely will remain so after the acquisition.

Supernatural costs $20 per month and will be an important revenue source for Meta going forward. The company has shown progress in making money on VR hardware and software but the Reality Labs division — which is responsible for funding VR, AR, and other XR development — has been a drain on the company's finances for years.

This acquisition marks the 10th developer in Oculus Studios catalog, helping Meta grow its first-party presence in VR in an effort to rival other gaming companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo's offerings. The launch of the Meta Quest 3 is fast approaching with the hardware expected to debut this Fall. Meta's acquisition of Within will no doubt play a large role in a potentially successful launch later this year.


Tired of going to the gym? Running low on motivation? The coaches in Supernatural will have you sweating every day with hit songs and fun movements in this VR exercise game that feels like anything but work.

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