NoSweat VR Headset Liner review: making lens-fogging a thing of the past

A mixed bag of sweat-free straps.

An image of the Quest 2 with the NoSweat strips covering the headset's foam padding
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NoSweat's sweat-absorbing liner makes the VR experience much more bearable in the summer, especially for people who use their Quest to play motion-intensive games. It's deceptively tricky to install, but pays off in spades.


  • +

    Absorbs sweat like a dream

  • +

    Easy to install

  • +

    You don't notice much of a difference when playing

  • +

    They might prevent light from leaking into your headset


  • -

    The strips aren't the best shape for the Quest 2

  • -

    Strips fall off easily

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Whether you're playing action-intensive games like Beat Saber, or winding down with some Netflix in a really hot room, nothing makes the VR experience quite as uncomfortable as unnecessary sweat. Regardless of if you're concerned about it making your Quest 2 smell bad or having sweat dripping into your eyes, it can be an immersion-breaking experience, especially in sweltering summer heat.

That's where NoSweat comes in. A brand dedicated to helping people with their perspiration problems, NoSweat offers a relatively simple, effective solution with minimal drawbacks.

NoSweat VR Headset Sweat Liner: The good

If you're anything like me, sweat's one of the biggest factors that keep you from using your Quest 2 more frequently. As someone with hyperhidrosis, which is a genetic predisposition to sweating a lot once I start sweating just a little bit, the floodgates really open up. This is annoying for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which being that it can fog up my Quest 2's lenses, making it much less usable and just less immersive.

Sure, there are plenty fixes to lens-fogging, but living with roommates can make adjusting the thermostat every time I want use my headset a problem. NoSweat's liners put many of my woes to rest.

After enough sweaty attempts at your favorite Beat Saber song on Expert, you can take out the liner just as easily as you put it on.

They install like stickers; just peel off the label that's covering the adhesive and press into your headset's foam liner. There might be a little slack left over, which you can easily cut off with a pair of scissors. Eventually, after enough sweaty attempts at your favorite Beat Saber song on Expert, you can take out the liner just as easily as you put it on. It's not a perfect process, but considering their shape, it's fairly easy.

Peeling the adhesive cover off of a NoSweat liner

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Using a headset with the liners on is great. In fact, you barely even notice that they're there at all. Their soft, almost felt-like texture adds a slight extra layer of plush to the headset's already cushy liner. After about an hour in Beat Saber, I might've been drenched, but my headset wasn't.

Not only did NoSweat's liners absorb all of the sweat from my face and forehead, but my lenses stayed fog-free the entire time. As an added bonus, the liners helped reduce any outside light from getting inside my headset. That, however, seems like a result of their design not being intended for the Quest 2, rather than an intentional design perk.

NoSweat VR Headset Sweat Liner: The bad

Out of the bag, a pack of NoSweat's liners might not look like much. In fact, Quest users might think that something might've gone wrong with their order; the packaging for the adhesive, anti-fogging, sweat-absorbing strips doesn't reference the Quest — heck, it doesn't even reference being used for VR headsets at all.

That sets the tone for what it's like to use one of their liners. While they are effective at absorbing sweat and reducing lens-fogging, their utility as an accessory for the Quest 2 or any other VR headset feels a bit like an afterthought, regardless of efficacy.

A Quest 2 with NoSweat liners on it.

(Image credit: Charlie Wacholz / Android Central)

Meta's headsets are designed in such a way that there really aren't any straight lines to speak of on a Quest or a Quest 2. NoSweat's liners, on the other hand, come in slim, rectangular shapes made up strictly of straight lines. This is a blessing and a curse. 

On one hand, they're easy to cut with a regular pair of scissors, so if you're willing to go the extra mile and do a little DIY work to keep the sweat at bay, you certainly can cut the liners to fit your headset.

On the other hand, this means that any slack or leftover bit of a liner that's left hanging off of your headset can catch in anything: It might stick to your hair, or get peeled off if you try to set it on a charging stand. 

That makes the process of applying and using the liners much more difficult than it needs to be, especially if the liner gets partially peeled off at any point. While the liners are theoretically multi-use accessories, if the adhesive runs dry or stops working, this problem can sometimes relegate them to being single or double-use before falling off your headset.

NoSweat VR Headset Sweat Liner: Should you buy it?

NoSweat's liners are incredibly effective at absorbing sweat and reducing lens fog on a Quest 2. However, they're also not designed with the Quest — or seemingly any other VR headset — in mind. 

If you deal with foggy lenses and a wet headset frequently, or you're just looking for a temporary solution to the problems that come with using your headset in the summer (or just sweating a lot), the NoSweat liners are easy to recommend. But, if you're looking for something that's hassle-free, you should probably wait to see if NoSweat will ever make liners designed specifically for the Quest.

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