Experience Shock & Awe in the latest After the Fall update for Quest 2

After the Fall
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What you need to know

  • VR shooter After the Fall's Shock & Awe update is available today on PlayStation VR, Quest 2, and SteamVR platforms.
  • The update adds a free-for-all mode, new competitive multiplayer map, and several new weapons and explosives.
  • The patch also reworks the LMG alongside other weapon balancing, fixes, and improvements.

Virtual reality multiplayer shooter After the Fall received a free update that brings a new competitive mode and map with several new weapons and balancing changes. 

The Shock & Awe update is seemingly the last content update for the game's Frontrunner Season and is available today for Quest 2, PlayStation VR, and SteamVR. After the Fall studio Vertigo Games released a trailer showing off everything in the new update and a brief overview of the first season.

The update adds four new weapons that players can use against the Snowbreed starting with the Tommy Gun, which is placed somewhere between an assault rifle and SMG with minimal recoil and extremely high fire rate. Two explosive weapons have been added with the Shockwave Device that can easily stagger a group of enemies and the Warhead grenade that deals massive damage in a very small area. The final new equipment is the Rage Booster, which increases fire rate, recoil control, and damage output for 10 seconds.

The competitive multiplayer side of After the Fall, one of the best Quest 2 games, received a new mode and map. The Free-for-All mode supports up to eight players and each round is won with the first earning 30 kills or the most in a 10-minute time limit. The new map is called Stockpile and is based on the Warehouse in the Skid Row Run of the campaign. The cluttered map features a shortened respawn delay and contains the new items in the update scattered around.

The Shock & Awe update also brings numerous fixes and changes to the game, such as removing duplicates of Floppies so every unlock will now be unique, a rework of the LMG weapon introduced last month, and Quest 2 optimizations for improved stability and fewer crashes. The full list of changes for all platforms can be found in the patch notes

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