We finally know the name of the new Among Us VR map

Among Us VR lo-fi beats video and Polus map name reveal hero
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What you need to know

  • The new Among Us VR map is called Polus Point and is based on the 2nd-largest Among Us map, Polus.
  • Schell Games says to expect the map later this year, but there's no specific date just yet.
  • A new horse hat based on the 2023 April Fool's joke is coming for free for all Among Us VR players this month.

Beans! If your jam is a bit more lo-fi than hi-fi, this latest Among Us VR video is one you'll certainly want to check out. Seven lo-fi tunes fill the 30-minute video below, culminating in the reveal of the next big Among Us VR map update, Polus Point.

Based on the giant map for the original Among Us game, Polus Point will feature an area significantly larger than what's currently offered on the Skeld II, including plenty of new tasks for crewmates to do. As is the case with the original Among Us, we expect this new Among Us VR map to debut for free when it becomes available for one of our favorite Quest 2 games later this year.

Speaking of free add-ons, a new horse hat is coming to the game for free later this month, playing off the April Fool's joke made in the regular Among Us game this year. In that gag, players were transformed into crewmate horses which will now adorn the heads of any willing Among Us VR players when it becomes available. Check it out in the Tweet below.

We're also expecting additional fashion items to become available in the Among Us VR store in the near future, possibly at the same time as the free horse hat.


Feeling sus? Among Us VR puts you in the shoes of a crewmate or an imposter as you perform tasks to maintain a space station or slay all of its inhabitants.

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