Survival game Green Hell VR coming to Quest 2 on April 7

Green Hell VR
(Image credit: Incuvo)

What you need to know

  • Green Hell VR is a virtual reality version of the 2019 PC game where players must survive after being stranded in the rainforests of the Amazon.
  • Green Hell VR: Quest Edition uses the Quest 2 headset's Asynchronous Spacewarp (ASW) feature for lower latency.
  • The game will launching for Quest 2 on April 7 with the PC VR version coming in May 2022.

Open-world survival game Green Hell VR will be launching in the Quest store on April 7, developer Incuvo announced.

Labeled as Green Hell VR: Quest Edition for Quest 2 headsets, the game places players in the shoes of famous anthropologist Jake Higgins as he is alone and stranded in the Amazon rainforests. Players will have to manage hunger and thirst levels while fighting off predators equipped with only a smartwatch, backpack, survival guide, and the ability to craft tools and weapons.

The game originally released for PC in 2019 with no VR, while the Quest Edition was made specifically for the headset. Hunting wild animals through archery and fishing are more immersive in VR, while crafting requires putting the right materials in specific ways to successfully make tools, weapons, and even shelter from the elements.

The Quest Edition also takes advantage of the Quest 2 by using the headset's Asynchronous Spacewarp feature to reduce latency and provide a more stable framerate. It can also be played sitting, standing, or with room-scale.

Green Hell VR: Quest Edition will be coming to the Quest store on April 7 for $30, but is now available for preorder with a 10% discount until then. Green Hell VR is also releasing for SteamVR and PC VR sometime this May. The original Green Hell was positively received when it launched, so perhaps the transition to VR will place Green Hell VR: Quest Edition as one of the best Quest 2 games.

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