Stadia Pro adds Arcade Paradise, Drawful 2, and more for October

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What you need to know

  • Stadia Pro adds Arcade Paradise, Drawful 2, Looking for Aliens, Slaycation Paradise, Tangle Tower, and The Addams Family: Mansion of Mayhem in October.
  • Stadia Pro subscribers can now run games at up to 1440p resolution.
  • Four classic Atari games that have been remastered can now be purchased from the Stadia store.

Google has revealed the October 2022 lineup for Stadia Pro with six games, five new to the platform, coming at the beginning at the month. The company also announced new and upcoming game releases, trials, and features.

Starting on Oct. 1, Stadia Pro members will be able to claim another six games with some previously announced as coming to Stadia. The six titles include laundromat/arcade management sim Arcade Paradise, Jackbox Games' standalone party game Drawful 2, hidden object game Looking for Aliens, hybrid twin-stick shooter and tower defense game Slaycation Paradise, point-and-click adventure title Tangle Tower, and The Addams Family: Mansion of Mayhem.

According to the blog post, Stadia Pro subscribers can now run games at up to 1440p resolution. The option comes in-between the previous 1080p and 4K settings, and requires an internet speed of 32 Mbps or greater, according to the official help page. Meanwhile, Stadia players on mobile can now react to others' posts from the Explore tab with emojis.

Stadia also received four new games available starting today, and another will be coming later this week. Atari released more titles from its Recharged series, which remasters classic titles and adds new visuals, gameplay, and local co-op. 

The four games available today are Asteroids: Recharged, Black Widow: Recharged, Breakout: Recharged, and Gravitar: Recharged. Each game is available in the Stadia store for $10 and all can be tried for free with a 30-minute game trial. DreamWorks Dragons: Legend of the Nine Realms will be coming to the store later this week on Friday, Sept. 23.

Finally, another seven Stadia games received new limited-time trials with A Place for the Unwilling, Epistory, Moonlighter, Nanotale, Submerged: Hidden Depths, and Stadia-exclusive Pixeljunk Raiders all getting 60-minute trials. Meanwhile, Hitman received a three-hour game trial. Stadia game trials can be played with or without an account, and some games will even carry progress over when purchasing the full title. 

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