Razer reveals the Kishi V2 Pro and its all-white Xbox Edition controller

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What you need to know

  • Razer launches its Kishi V2 Pro controller for Android phones, bringing a 3.5mm audio jack and HyperSense Haptics.
  • The brand's revamped Nexus 3.0 app includes a "Favorites" row, curated games from the Razer community, and Virtual Controller Mode.
  • Razer is also launching an Xbox Edition of the Kishi V2 Pro for Android and the Kishi V2 for iPhones.
  • The Kishi V2 Pro launched on August 23 for $129.

Razer states it's looking to "redefine" what it means to be a mobile gamer in today's day and age. The gaming brand announces the launch of the Kishi V2 Pro controller for Android, bringing PC and console gaming to our mobile devices. Razer states the Kishi V2 Pro comes equipped with microswitch buttons, analog triggers, and programmable buttons.

Those interested in longer gaming sessions on their Android phone can find solace in the V2 Pro's pass-through charging capability (USB-C), as well. Moreover, the latest controller separates itself from the Kishi V2 with the inclusion of a 3.5mm audio jack and HyperSense Haptics.

The haptics bring vibration support in supported Android games, emulators, and game streaming services. Users can even customize the HyperSense Haptics to offer audio-based haptic feedback while they game.

Razer Kishi V2 Pro lifestyle image featuring a man playing Minecraft Dungeons via Xbox Game Pass

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The Kishi V2 Pro features an extendable bridge to accommodate "most" Android phones on the market comfortably. Razer's latest controller comes with detachable rubber side cushions so those using a case around their device can still use it without removal.

Gaming with the Kishi V2 Pro is completed when you download the new Razer Nexus 3.0 app. Alongside some redesigned UI elements, Razer lets users select between an animated Dynamic Background or a Game Background. The 3.0 version delivers "Enhanced Game Discovery," a way users can find a curated selection of different games brought about by the Razer community.

Users will also find a new "Favorites" tab to quickly get back into the games they're most into.

Razer has packed some improved performance software into the app, reducing the power consumption of its controller and some input prevention efforts if your phone falls asleep. Razer adds that, for the first time, users can decide between HID and XInput controller modes with the new Kishi V2 Pro.

Razer Kishi V2 Pro virtual controller feature

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The Kishi V2 Pro comes with the ability to engage "Virtual Controller Mode." Through this, users can still enjoy games that are typically touchscreen-only. Furthermore, the latest 3.0 app supports MOBAs, X/Y camera axis inversion, camera sensitivity settings, M1/M2 keymapping, and the removal of Android's Accessibility permissions.

Users can stream PC games using Steam Link and Nvidia GeForce Now Cloud Gaming. Similarly, you can grab console games from Xbox Remote Play, PS Remote Play, and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Razer is also launching an Xbox Edition of Kishi V2 and Kishi V2 Pro controllers for Apple's iPhone and Android phones, respectively. These controllers feature Xbox's button layout and a functional "X" button that users would find on a standard console controller. This button will pair seamlessly with those streaming Xbox games through Remote Play or its Cloud Gaming platform.

Razer launched the Kishi V2 Pro on August 23 globally, starting at $129. Xbox lovers on Android phones can grab that all-white controller for $149.

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