PlayStation Plus classic games like Syphon Filter to get Trophy support

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What you need to know

  • Sony is bringing some classic games to the Premium tier of the upcoming PlayStation Plus revamp.
  • Bend Studio shared that one of these games, Syphon Filter, is getting Trophy support. 
  • The PlayStation Plus revamp is slated to roll out in June 2022.

If anyone has been hoping that PlayStation Plus classic games would feature Trophy support, you're in luck, at least for one particular game.

Sony's Bend Studio shared on Thursday via Twitter that Syphon Filter, one of the classic games included with the PlayStation Plus revamp, will now feature Trophies! This means anyone playing the game on PS5 or PS4 will be able to unlock Trophies for their collection despite it being a game built for the original PlayStation. 

Syphon Filter, developed by Bend Studio (then known as Eidetic), is a third-person spy shooter released in 1999. Critically acclaimed, the game spawned a franchise, with five more games being released. Bend Studio then went on to make the PS4 title Days Gone, 

Interestingly, Syphon Filter is also not one of the remastered classic games, which have received enhanced resolution and framerates. Some of the games in the list will also feature new menus, allowing for easier navigation and save creation. 

While Syphon Filter is the only classic game confirmed to get Trophy support so far, it's incredibly unlikely it's the only one. With that in mind, it's also unlikely every classic game will get Trophies, so keeping expectations in check isn't a bad idea. Sony is investing more into older games, with the recent creation of a PlayStation games preservation team, though this team is currently focused more on the preservation of games for the "business aspect."

The revamp means PlayStation Plus has Essential, Extra, and Premium tiers for players to choose from. The Essential tier operates like PlayStation Now always has, while the Extra tier adds a library of PS4 and PS5 games to choose from, including a large number of PlayStation Studios games. The Premium tier adds classic games, Cloud gaming, and game trials. 

The PlayStation Plus revamp is currently planning to begin rolling out in June 2022, with slightly different dates depending on the exact region. In the U.S, it'll begin on June 13, 2022.


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