Backbone's PlayStation Edition controller for Android takes gaming up a level

The Backbone One — PlayStation Edition controller for Android phones.
(Image credit: PlayStation)

What you need to know

  • The Backbone One PlayStation Edition controller launches for Android phones.
  • The controller lets users enjoy PS remote play games from a PS4 or PS5 comfortably on their phone alongside certain Google Play Store games.
  • It features a collapsible design with a pass-through USB-C port for fast charging your phone.
  • The Backbone One PlayStation Edition controller starts at $99.99.

Android is a little tardy to the party, but a new controller to enjoy console games right from your phone has arrived. Through a press release, PlayStation and Backbone have announced the launch of the Backbone One PlayStation Edition controller for Android phones.

The new controller lets Android users enjoy a more comfortable gaming experience on their phones and start gaming using the PS remote play app for their PS4 and PS5 games.

The PS remote play app has been updated so Android users can find an easy, seamless setup for their new Backbone One controller. The PlayStation app itself has received some improvements, bringing in support for the new controller-based gaming experience on Android, along with its landscape navigation, to better optimize the app for users.

Additionally, users can download the Backbone One app from the Google Play Store to customize their PS remote play experience. PlayStation's integration plays a role in letting users use custom glyphs representing classic PlayStation shapes. 

Furthermore, users can browse games and supported game streaming services. The app has also been updated to provide a stream of information regarding new releases and updates directly from PlayStation.

The PlayStation, Backbone, and PS remote play apps work in unison to help strengthen the mobile gaming experience for PS4 or PS5 games. However, users must ensure they have a stable connection to a Wi-Fi network and their console of choice to begin playing.

While you can enjoy your console games, a few notable mobile games are available on the Google Play Store that users can enjoy with the new controller. Backbone states games such as Call of Duty: Mobile, Fortnite, Diablo Immortal, and more have welcomed support for the Backbone One PlayStation Edition controller for Android.

With so many games at your fingertips, there are times when you'll do something you wish other people saw. The Backbone One controller helps you out by letting you capture game clips and take screenshots without hampering your gaming session. You can even trim down those clips so people only see the good 360 no-scopes.

The new Backbone One — PlayStation Edition controller for Android.

(Image credit: PlayStation)

From a design standpoint, Backbone states it has kept the colors, finishes, and feel of the mobile controller close to the design of the recent wave of DualSense PlayStation controllers. The new product mirrors that of the PS5 console, and if you own the Pulse 3D wireless headset, you can plug it into the 3.5mm headphone jack on the controller to enjoy quality sound comfortably, which is a nice touch since many of today's phones don't sport headphone jacks.

The controller is also collapsible, so you can fit it in your bag for some easy storage when you need to run. Moreover, if you're running a little low on battery, the Backbone One controller for Android features a pass-through USB-C fast charger for your device. Backbone states the controller uses minimal power from your device while you're gaming.

The Backbone One PlayStation Edition controller for Android is available for those in the U.S., Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand. Soon, the controller will launch in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The controller starts at $99.99.

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