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Gameloft shows some love on Valentine's Day, discounts ten games at 60% off

Valentine's Day is all about taking the time to let the people in your life know that you care and love for them. It's filled with candy, balloons, hearts, flowers, kisses -- basically, mushy stuff. Though, Valentine's Day isn't only for lovers, it's for Android game publishers, too! Gameloft has announced on their blog, that ten of their HD Android titles will be 60% off their regular price. Isn't that so sweet of them? Aww. You can download the titles via their mobile store. Here is a list of games on sale: 

  1. Spiderman Total Mayhem
  2. GT Racing
  3. Oregon Trail
  4. Splinter Cell Conviction
  5. Modern Combat Sandstorm
  6. UNO
  7. Gangstar West Coast Hustle
  8. Shrek Kart
  9. Let’s Golf 2
  10. Dungeon Hunter

[Gameloft Blog via Twitter]

  • Gameloft is so sloppy: I've never encountered a bigger set of theives. Someone please alet me when this sale actually takes effect. Maybe next valentines...
  • go to the blog, use your barcode scanner or click their link. works out to be 1.99 for those games
  • I tried both, they both said $4.99. Fail.
  • how much does the games originally cost? in the FAQ it just says it will show during download, which i do not want to do unless i know the price
  • Go to page. Click buy. Enter phone number. Get sms text that takes me to the same page I was just on. Round and round. Oh well. Might have bought one if possible.
  • I've had nothing but trouble with Gameloft. For example, when Dungeon Hunter refused to load on my DroidX after playing for 2 weeks, I could not reinstall because Gameloft is not on the market and they would not allow me to re-download. Dealing with Gameloft is a pain. A reputable company would put their games on the Market.
  • Totally agree. I had a problems with Let's Golf 2 on my Dinc and emailed them right away. It took Gameloft almost a month to respond.
  • Quote:"A reputable company would put their games on the Market."
    I completely understand what your saying, but you could have a company like EA Mobile that changes requirements on a game after you purchase it, and therefore when you try to re-install it from the market, it tells you that your paid app is no longer compatible with your device...
  • Would love to, but as they don't support the Galaxy tab(at least the site says so), yet they showed off the games on the tab, it is a bit difficult to play and pay for something they won't let you download.
  • Same boat here. Absolutely stupid marketing for games on the Tab. Try to buy a game from the Tab? Sorry, your device is not supported. Well fine, Gameloft! I'll stick to games I can buy in the market.
  • No $1.99 love - only $4.99 buy one get one free. Tried it 20 different ways and can only get this $4.99 deal...
  • I clicked on the link to buy for $1.99 and got a page cannot be found message.
  • It does work, just not very well. I found going to on a computer, and then scanning the barcode will get the 1.99 version to pop-up. From there it kinda fumbled around to check-out, but eventually I got Sandstorm for 1.99 -- so it can be done. That said, Gameloft seriously needs to clean up their mobile interface and make things more transparent. This should not have been this difficult.
  • Didn't work for me. I went through the process all the way up to the confirm payment step and it was going to charge me $4.99.
  • Yeah, u've got to get it were it appears as Buy 1.99 from the start, or it's not working. It does not take it off after-the-fact.
  • So if I'm constantly flashing different ROMs, can I redownload these games or not? Seems like too much of a hassle. I don't understand why Gameloft doesn't get to the Market already.
  • Yes, once purchased you can always re-download the games although i always back them up with titanium.
  • "Sorry, but there are no available game [sic] for your mobile." Not publishing to the Google Android Market = Fail
  • just got let's golf 2 for $1.99 think I'll get some thing else.
  • Gameloft is a very reputable company. they got back to me within 2 days for an issue i had. they are not on the market due to market limitations because they develope a game specifically for an individual phone. When I bought lets golf it was actually "lets golf htc evo" They have cross platform multiplayer and everything! Awesome company and by far the best games on android! Use the link on this page or go online and get a link sent to you. 1.99 works like a charm!