Gameloft shows some love on Valentine's Day, discounts ten games at 60% off

Valentine's Day is all about taking the time to let the people in your life know that you care and love for them. It's filled with candy, balloons, hearts, flowers, kisses -- basically, mushy stuff. Though, Valentine's Day isn't only for lovers, it's for Android game publishers, too! Gameloft has announced on their blog, that ten of their HD Android titles will be 60% off their regular price. Isn't that so sweet of them? Aww. You can download the titles via their mobile store. Here is a list of games on sale: 

  1. Spiderman Total Mayhem
  2. GT Racing
  3. Oregon Trail
  4. Splinter Cell Conviction
  5. Modern Combat Sandstorm
  6. UNO
  7. Gangstar West Coast Hustle
  8. Shrek Kart
  9. Let’s Golf 2
  10. Dungeon Hunter

[Gameloft Blog via Twitter]

Andrew Melnizek