Galaxy Note 8 vs. Galaxy S8+: Which should you buy?

As the Galaxy S series got larger and the Galaxy Note series continued to take design and feature cues from its smaller siblings, the two phones have gotten increasingly homogeneous. The Galaxy S8+ is nearly the same phone as the Galaxy Note 8, save for the newer Note having dual cameras, a stylus and a couple spec differences. It stands to reason that people will be comparing the two and seeing if the Note 8 is worth the extra money.

Samsung is obviously happy when consumers are in the position of choosing between two of its phones rather than pitting one against a competitor. But which one is right for you? We're here to help you make that decision.

What the Galaxy Note 8 does better

The Note 8 is the new hotness, and it's understandably the top-end phone in Samsung's lineup and therefore will get plenty of advertising weight behind it. That will drive people into stores to check it out … but what exactly does it do differently from the Galaxy S8+?

Well, to set the stage let's quickly recap what's the same. You're getting the same core specs, screen quality and hardware features in both phones. For example you get the same Snapdragon 835 or Exynos CPU, 64GB of storage (with SDcard slot), QHD+ resolution Super AMOLED display, metal-and-glass body with waterproofing, and so on.

Yes the Note 8 is larger, but the hardware improvements are miniscule.

Yes the Note 8's screen is larger … 0.1-inch larger, at 6.3-inches in total. It's a hardly perceptible difference. Inside you get 6GB of RAM instead of 4GB — not a big deal now, but could be potentially useful in the future. The hardware design is slightly tweaked to accommodate it all, with more tightly rounded corners, but the proportions and materials are identical to that of the Galaxy S8+. The fingerprint sensor is in the same location as well, which definitely isn't a positive in either case.

The two big features that are actually substantially different on the Note 8 are the new camera experience and the S Pen. The Note 8's primary camera is actually the same as the GS8+, but it's also paired up with a secondary 12MP camera that has a telephoto lens that enables lossless zooming and software-based depth of field effects. It's more capable than the Galaxy S8+, for sure, but your day-to-day shots will be the same on either phone.

The S Pen is entirely unique to the Note lineup, and enables quick hand-written notes, annotation and precise control of small objects on the screen. If you've had a previous Note, you'll get it; if you haven't, you probably don't see the value. Go try it for yourself to see where you land on it.

What the Galaxy S8+ does better

For most people with no previous feelings about the type of phone they want, the Galaxy S8+ will likely be their initial choice. That will primarily come down to price and therefore value: the Galaxy S8+ is over $100 cheaper than the Note 8, even at MSRP, and because it's a few months older it's already on a discount. That's for about 90% the same hardware and experience.

The Galaxy S8+ gives you 90% of the experience for roughly $200 less.

Yes the screen is smaller, but unless you're holding both phones together you wouldn't be able to tell the 0.1-inch difference. And the Galaxy S8+ is definitely easier to handle (relatively speaking), being just a tad narrower and also considerably lighter — 22 grams, or about 12% — than the Note 8.

That's all while holding nearly the same specs, aside from the aforementioned lower RAM in the GS8+. Of course there's the positive trade-off of having a slightly larger 3500mAh battery to work with here — not a huge difference, but a little extra reserve you can count on nonetheless.

Which should you choose?

Going into this comparison, we're taking as a given that you're drawn to the core Samsung features, design and software. Thankfully Samsung shares so many features between these two phones it makes that part easy.

So comparing the Note 8 and the Galaxy S8+ head-to-head, the decision process is rather simple. If you want the biggest and most capable phone that Samsung offers, you go with the Note 8. Its screen is marginally larger, it has more RAM, it offers the S Pen you can't get anywhere else and it has the only dual camera setup in Samsung's lineup.

On the other hand, if you have no desire to use the S Pen, and don't see the small screen size bump as a benefit, you're going to be better served by the Galaxy S8+. It's a little smaller, has a larger battery and is less expensive than the newer Note 8. Given these few differences, most people will simply gravitate to the Galaxy S8+ as a default — and they'll probably make the right choice. The most likely Note 8 buyers are those who are opinionated about its few extra features from the start.

Waiting for the Galaxy S9+

At this point in the Galaxy S8+'s life, you may be questioning whether this comparison makes sense considering the Galaxy S9+ is set to be unveiled at the end of February. You'll be able to get your hands on a Galaxy S9+ around mid-march at the earliest, meaning if you need a phone now it obviously isn't an option to wait several weeks for a new phone to be released. You also need to keep in consideration the price differences, as the Galaxy S8+ has dropped from its original MSRP and will be even cheaper the closer we get to the Galaxy S9+ release. It's still a solid phone, and when compared to the Galaxy Note 8 here the comparison still stands, at least until the Galaxy S9+ is actually available.

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Update January 2018: Recommendations updated to reflect the relative age of the Galaxy S8+ and impeding release of the Galaxy S9+.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • i think samsung may have screwed themselves this time, the note was supposed to be the daring innovative device, now its essentially the same thing they released 4 months ago but more expensive. ive been dying to get the n8 after having to deal with the note 7 debacle (my first note ever and i loved that phone) but now after seeing the disappointment that was the note 8 reveal i along with many people im sure will probably save some hard earned cash and get the s8+ (basically same thing minus .1" screen and a pen oh and the second camera lens, most of these features do not make the note 8 stand out like the brand used to) Looks like best buy is offering about 150$ in savings which is the only way im starting to contemplate purchase again but still has me on the fence when i could save money and get basically the same phone. WHY SAMSUNG
  • Note 8 for me, The SPen makes all the difference
  • Either way, Samsung gets your money. So how are they screwing themselves?
  • If you have the Note 7, Samsung is offering like $400 off to those customers but I think you have to give them your old phone. Go to their website or Google it. I have the Note 5 and love it but not sure about whether to get the Note 8 or the S8+
  • Who still has a Note 7?
  • I still have my note 7, should get my note 8 tomorrow :)
  • There is probably more Note 7's being used than pixel phones still...
  • I beg to differ. There are vast differences, just watch some You Tube videos if you can't figure them out, the biggest being the S-Pen of course. I had the S8 since April just to hold me over til the N8 came out, and boy let me tell you, I have no regrets. As far as Samsung screwing themselves, that's the furthest thing from the truth, the sales (JUST for pre-orders) far exceeded anyone's expectations and many sources including some carriers are already back-ordered. All I can say is if you get the N8, you will not regret it! Make your OWN opinion and screw these 'reviews' on websites. I went from a basically brand new phone to this one, and I'm glad I did.
  • Better Camera than the S8+, S Pen Support is worth it alone, 2 extra GB of RSM does make a difference. People like you never have had the Note 8 to actually be able to say it's worth it. Example if I own a High End Sports car and you own a sports car you'll say my vehicle is redundant because you also have a sports car. Yes it is my opinion that the Note 8 is better but you can't say they are basically the same. The key features of the Note 8 outweigh the S8+ even if you are convinced there are no differences. The Note 8 is my favorite phone and for the longest time I've despised Samsung but now I've found my device. On to the Note 9!
  • I hopped on the S8+ when Best Buy slashed the price a few weeks ago. Could not justify waiting for the Note 8 for several hundred more. Very pleased with the S8+.
  • Several hundred more?
  • Well, Samsung was selling their S8+, unlocked, for $639 before today's Note 8 reveal. I got mine with PayPal's 2-year 0% A.P.R. promotion, so just $26.66 a month. No taxes, shipping fees, or carrier bloat to deal with. The Note 8 will retail at $930-960 depending on their carrier, there will be taxes, and interest charges and carrier bloat depending on the financing and if you buy it from a carrier or Samsung directly. $400 of savings for me right there, to bad Samsung jacked the price of the S8+ to $824.99 after the Note 8 reveal. Sneaky bastards.
  • Ugly. Really dissatisfied with the design on the back. Ruins an otherwise nice looking phone. Copy Essential Samsung.
  • YOu mean the company going out of business?
  • Wonder if there's much difference in real life battery life?
  • It's a head scratcher because the Note has a 2nd rear camera and more Ram, but a smaller battery and the same processor as the S8 and S8+.... Can't see power users enjoying less efficient battery consumption.
  • The processor takes care of that
  • Isn't it the same processor as the S8+?
  • Yes
  • I upgraded from the S8+ and don't notice a difference in battery life at all, both do well. Performance is better on the N8 for sure though.
  • With a slightly larger screen, slightly smaller battery and a few more pieces of software, the Note 8 has slightly less battery life — but in real use, there isn't much difference there.
  • Assuming its the Orchid Grey version of the Note8 being featured in the article?? Hard to nail down what that color actually looks like.
  • Yeah that's the Orchid Grey. it's quite a bit lighter and more blue than the Galaxy S8/S8+ version of the "same" color.
  • S8 Active for me. The battery life is fantastic. Left blackberry after 10 years. Best phone I ever had thus far. If you want a flat screen and exactly the same specs as the S8+ and you want military grade durability, then it's a no brainer. Great phone.
  • S8+ for the win, for now at least. The Galaxy Note 8 comes with an extra 2 GB of RAM, slightly larger display, extra 12 MP shooter and an S pen stylus. Thing is though, that's about it. There's a price difference of around $350 despite the phone being almost entirely the same, and when you add to that the fact that the battery capacity has been cut from 3500 mAh to just 3300 mAh, it probably makes more sense to go for the S8+ and save big while missing out on very little. Just my two cents. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Not to mention the s-pen falling off the curved edges and the hideous black back bar. It's definitely not worth the s8 premium. However, when it's cheap on the 2ndary market it may be worth picking up. The FPS makes this year a design fail for Samsung to me.
  • It's about $100 difference, not $350
  • Buy both and problem solved.
  • In his review of the S8, Daniel Bader mentioned the App Drawer not being alphabetized. If you open a folder and press the +Add App button, you will see a different, better, App Drawer.
  • Choose the bigger, badder, stylus-toting phone: The Note 8!
  • color seems so good
  • Fail. I was hoping for more innovation, not refinement. I'll wait for the Note 9, or maybe even the S9+
  • More innovation? Like what?
  • Thank you, i bought the 8+ in May because I wanted to leave Sprint for AT&T. I had the Note 5. My sister just got the Note 8 Friday so I was thinking bout trading my 8+ in, but your review made me reconsider & save some $!
  • Note 8 is way smoother and fast. Compare it with ur sisters
  • Note 8 for sure. Spen is amazing. The camera and performance is better you can really see the difference in the extra ram.
  • If the Note 8 had a wide angle second camera (like the LG phones) I would feel more conflicted. A longer focal length for a second camera is not nearly as useful to me. One question though, I understand both screens are very similar between the Note 8 and the S8+, but I have also heard acclimation for how bright the Note 8 screen can get, how much brighter is the Note 8 vs. the S8+ at max overdrive/full throttle/sunny conditions?
  • The note 8 will get over 1200 nits the s8 is lil over 1000 nits there both the 2 best screens. It all boils down to if you want the pen . Trust me the note 8 is a beast an the new camera features are worth it
  • Even though this doesn't have the same wide angle lense..the lense still has a wider lense than previous Note cameras and take a very well framed photo. I was surprised by how wide of a photo this camera took compared to previous Note cameras. Now given it's no G6 or V30 but it is definitely nice for the change given to the camera setup.
  • When in the hand the note is more comfortable when typing and using it. I believe this come from the wider form factor. Reminds me more of the Note 5 form over the newer slimmer and longer design. I waffled between the two but decided the Note's camera and form was more of the phone I wanted to hold for the next 1-2 yr.
  • How much wider is the Note 8 camera compared to the S8+?
  • Just a couple millimeters.
  • I use the s8+, the camera, battery, display are excellent. The display is simply amazing. I haven't used or seen any better. But I do like the note also. Duel camera's, 6gb's & the s pen. I may upgrade around Black Friday, it might be cheaper. I upgraded my s7edge for the plus & my total cost was 540.00. I couldn't refuse that deal. The performance is great, very happy with it!
  • For me the better value is in the S8 right now by far. For example, Bell in Canada is currently offering the S8 at $0 on a 2 year contract, where as the Note 8 being brand new, is $549.99 on a 2 year contract. If you're looking for the latest and greatest then by all means get the Note 8. However, you can't deny the S8 has far greater value.
  • Value and price aren't the same thing
  • I had to habe my spen back, so i went to the note8. Loved the s8plus, but i have had every note since the note2. As far as Samsung screwing themselves, i somewhat agree, but not completely. If samsung just had the regular galaxy, and then the note the would prob save a lot on production cost, and be able to knock the price of the note series down a touch.. on the other hand, some people just want the bigger screen and battery, so the s8plus fits their needs. ( the note would fit the need also, even if they never used the s pen). I still partially believe the plus series eats up some of the sales of the note. As far as the gap closing between the regular series and the note, i too agree that the note isnt as innovative and ahead of the regular galaxy series, that is to be expected because the leaps forward in technology aren't the huge leaps they used to be. You have to look at it from the point of view that samsung up'd the galaxy series game and brought it forward, and there just isn't that leap forward as far to keep the note way ahead, which is fine. My opinion, yours may vary.
  • I have both of them. Both are great phones and it depends on your needs. If you use the S-pen and want the extra 2 gigs of RAM, then the Note 8 is the way to go. But if that doesn't matter to you for the S-pen and more RAM then go with the S8+.
  • U prolly aren't tuned too much to catch the difference between phone performances. I have the s8,s8 plus, and note8. Both s8s are laggy, slow, glitchy with reboots here and there, can't keep more than 5 apps open. Note8, which was loaded using smart switch, is the same exact copy of the s8 app wise, but it's a beast. Smooth af, flys thru everything, keeps all apps open, it's a beast. Ram is not the only thing helping in this, software and tuning is way different on the note8. I've been using Android since 12 years, so many phones, this is finally the best flawless phone I've ever used! I'm sooooo happy with this phone. The s8 series was a huge disappointment to me, I almost gave up on Samsung
  • You're not factoring the slowdown that accompanies all Samsung phones a few months in. Out of the box speed is excellent. The best way to compare the S8+ to the Note 8 is to factory reset the S8+ and start from scratch on both. I have the S8+ and Note 8 as well but I've been too lazy to do that yet. I will be doing it for my official YT comparison video in the next week or so.
  • My Note 5 tells a different story. It's still blazing fast
  • That's great to know! Thanks for the comments, they just made me make up my mind I think. Note 8 it is!!! I can't stand laggy, buggy, glitchy stuff happening and every phone I get that's supposed to be perfect I end up with those same frustrations. So to hear you appreciate the note 8 in that way is awesome to know!
  • My S8 isn't laggy, glitchy and I haven't had any reboots yet.
  • Worth the upgrade ☺
  • This!
  • Got the S8+ when it came out, switched to the Note 8. I loved my S8+, but this Note 8 to me was worth the upgrade. The cameras and the S Pen are awesome, but I think where it really shines is the 6GB of Ram and the Newer software. This phone is Awesome.
  • Agreed. I made the switch too. Lucked onto a decent price on Craigslist. It was a no brainer. Already sold the s8+ for the price i bought it for. Woot!
  • The 6gb of RAM is absolutely a big deal right now. There is a significant difference in performance between my wife's S8 and my Note 8! There have been videos showing the benefit of that extra RAM.
  • Add to that newer software (both Android and Samsung) and way better optimization.
  • If those were my only options, I'd go for the S8+ personally. But, since they're not, I'm waiting for the LG V30 instead. LG sold me with my current V20.
  • As an owner of a V30. It is just great. No complaints. My wife has a V20 and loves it but its hard to compare to my V30.
  • Could someone point me to the YouTube videos that show the Note 8 is faster than the S8+? Also, how do you know it's the RAM making it faster? If the phone isn't engaging in tasks that require more than 4GB of RAM then it won't be any faster. Also, before I purchase anything I'm going to wait to see how the Pixel 2 XL compares when it's released next month. I have a Pixel XL with 128 internal space and I think it's fantastic. If you recall, many reviewers picked the Pixel as the phone of the year for 2016 and 2017. It beat the S7 everything for usability.
  • It's a mix man. More RAM and newer software makes a huge difference
  • Obviously it only matters if combined tasks are needing to use more than 4gb. But obviously nowadays that is not a hard threshold to meet whatsoever and it's a no brainer that the Note 8 would have an edge in speed overall for power users due to the extra 2gb of ram. Glad you enjoy your pixel though. My pixel xl has never performed up to expectations and just went black yesterday out of nowhere for no reason. Black. Dead. No response to anything. No life at all. Heard it's been happening to a bunch. So now I'm totally turned off to the Pixel 2 after how much stuff I just lost yesterday, and the inconvenience. Never had a phone go dead like that before. Frustrating as hell. So I think I'm gonna be all in on the Note 8 now.
  • I has s8plus and returned it for note 8 bes decision i made note 8 is a beast feels comfortable in the hand and its smooth as butter loving it so far and best note series so far until note 9 comes out i feel like apple needs to step it up and v30 to be able to compete whit this beast
  • Smooth as butter is lightly put lol. This phone is a beast compared to the laggy s8 family
  • No lag with my s8 plus granted my note 8 seems smoother. But that's all that ram management at work . But my 8 is hardly leggy you need to Optimize your phone
  • I understand that part but lots of that smoothness is due to note having Android 7.1.1 and touch wiz 8.5
  • True
  • They are both super phones, just depends on whether the S-Pen is worthwhile.
    I love my S8 Plus....HOWEVER , The screen is way more easily crack-able when dropping, compared to my previous S-6...and I'm sure its because of the curved screen. Yes I keep phone in a case. Same type of case that protected my S-6 from light drops...but does little for this phone. I have 2 corner cracks from light falls.
    I am not a fan of the curved screen on all the new phones , because it becomes more fragile. Is a small "wow effect" that lasts a few days. But its not worth the cracks! As long as the screen is highest quality,
    and stretches bezel to bezel, it doesnt need to be curved!!!.
  • I also don't like this curved screen concept due to being easier to crack and harder to protect (almost impossible to find a decent tempered glass protector). Anyway, it wasn't enough to deter me from buying a S8. Amazing phone, full of great features. I've been a stock Android guy for quite a few years but I'm impressed with how good are Samsung's customization, plenty of handy stuff. My recommendation is to use a wallet case. I couldn't get a decent glass protector, but at least the case keeps the screen safe from scratches inside pockets and will protect the phone from direct impacts on the screen. It's also completely possible to keep the case closed while having a phone call, so it provides good protection even when the phone is in use. This kind of case can be a bit frustrating sometimes because you have to leave it open to take pictures and it sometimes gets on the way. But it also has some advantages. I can use it to keep my phone on the table and watch videos and it also allows me to grip both sides of the cover when taking pictures. The later is great when you are taking pictures inside a boat or in any place where you would be worried of dropping your phone to its inevitable demise. Oh, and it also looks more fancy than these rubberized cases.
  • The Samsung Note 8 is the Swiss Army knife of phones: just a beautiful, feature-packed monstrosity of fun and functionality. I purchased mine from Samsung Direct and received a $300 discount for trading in my trusty LG G4 and got a free Gear 360 to boot. I have an LG V20 to cover the wide angle thing while my Note's dual camera set up nicely covers the zoom shots. This is just an all around great piece of technology and I'm so glad I purchased it. Hats off to Samsung.
  • Can someone help me choose? S8+ or Note 8?
  • Note8.
  • Note 8 obviously.
  • got a note 8 for $20 with a phone trade in on black Friday. Honestly I have never been happier with a phone. Spen is fun to play with and with the amount og post-it notes I go threw at work. Ive been using my N8 instead. best purchase I ever made
  • Just bought a S8 for my wife, rocking the Note myself. There is no comparison. The Note wins in any way!
    (I know, it's about the S8+ but that's just a bigger S8)
  • The Galaxy Note8 is the best Android phone you can buy, unless you want blue tint, burn-in, bluetooth problems, random reboots, black smear, clicking noises, high pitched whine, unresponsive screen edges, portrait mode that makes edges of glasses and other things disappear or out of focus, and FFS where one speaker is louder than the other. If those things are important to you, then the Pixel 2 XL is the best Android phone you can buy.
  • 🤣🤣🤣
  • Say what you want about Google, but I'd take a bunch of minor annoying bugs over one defect that puts my property or person in danger.
  • 2016 called. They want their scandal back. I'm talking about the Note8 vs. Pixel 2 XL, not the Note7 vs. the Pixel 2 XL.
  • I've been anti Samsung and been vocal about it based on a s6 that I had and there was nothing but software bugs. I thought I would give the Note 8 a shot because I heard great things and it is on sale for $799. I'd like to personally apologize for using the words "lagsung" and "Samsuck" Iol. I own a small contracting company and this phone with the S pen and multi tasking is a friggin dream! I'm not sure how I lived without it.
  • Note 8 = max horsepower
    S8+ = great hp Can't go wrong either way. With s9 right around the corner, I'd pass on s8 and get a note 8 if I didn't have 1 already.
  • Well let me tell, I preorder the s8 and I was pleased, a few frame drops now and then thing that a switch of launcher couldn't fix. I just got the note 8 and Yeah you totally feel the difference on performance those 2 extra gigs on ram really do something plus the pen it's really fun to use. The camera it's just great!! tmobile knock off 100 dls so it was almost the same price of the s8+. But it feels like breeze of fresh air.
  • The 6GB Ram does make a huge difference, particularly for keeping apps in memory, but I'm finding that the phone is smoother overall and quicker than my SIDE+ was. Another difference you didn't mention is that the max screen brightness in sunlight is better in the Note.
  • I've owned both phone and can say that the experience is much smoother and faster on the Note 8. Maybe the extra 2gb of ram and/or a more polished Samsung experience software account for that, can't say for sure. One is sure, there REALLY is a difference! Then you have the S-Pen, dual cameras, HDR 10 compliance. The Note 8 is much better IMO.
  • I would gladly take any of the s8 series phones. There all top notch but not the notch on the X. I chose the s8+, battery, display, camera are amazing. Looking forward to the s9 series!
  • DeX works way better on the Note 8, having had both, if you care about such things.
  • I am picking the Dex up. Unfortunately I am stuck with the S8. I love the thing, but the note sure would be nice.
  • For me the camera alone is worth the extra hundred grands. The ability to zoom two time is actually priceless for me, or anyone who has a passion for photgoraphy. The macro shots are some of the best I have seen and even better than some entry level DSLRs minus all the hassle of lenses and macro filters etc. Some of my friends actually joke that I can use the phone as a microscope.
    The portraits too are significantly better. Only things that are the same are landscape shooting and selfies.
    Now next big advantage for most and an advantage for me is the S-pen. I have found myself using it to take notes in meetings or calls where I did not carry a notepad or where there is no time to open these things up. Whats even better is that the notes are all saved automatically so even in cases where you wonder when a particular note was taken, you can view date and time and figure it all out. It has been pretty handy for me. One thing I do want is for Microsoft's OneNote to actually become default instead of Samsung note.
    Yes the battery size and back-up is better in S8+, but I do get along my day pretty easily with about 30-40% battery left at the end of the day, so that is no bummer for me.
    I am proud of myself having made this choice, and no amount of such articles trying hard to justify S8+ are gonna convince me.
  • After having the Note 8. I love it. not that the S8 / S8+ are bad, they are not. I almost went to the small, regular S8, then I decided I wanted a big screen since I already had the smaller screen on my iPhone 8.
    I just use the S Pen 'enough' to make it worth it, as well as the smoothness that comes from the 6GB ram.
  • The note has 6gb's & duel camera's & the mighty S-pen. The choice is simple, the note!
  • Do you guys still post new articles, or just have the site on random repeat?
  • Right now on T mobile, the Note 8 is actually cheaper by $30 with discounts. Which makes this absolutely a no brained.
  • I looked at both, and then went with the S8 Active...the difference being the battery was the best of the three and I don't like the curved screen. Not sure why the Active model gets the least amount of attention when it's just as powerful.
  • Isn't the Active AT&T Exclusive?
  • No. Tmo has it
  • Money aside the Note 8 is definitely a better phone for me.
  • I went with the S8+ because there isn't enough of a benefit to get the Note 8. I also wanted more battery life. At this point anyone looking to buy andS8 should just wait a few weeks for the S9.
  • Anyone that thinks an S8 is a note 8 is an idiot. Period.
  • At least you're one of the lucky one's. Obviously from a heritage with no idiots. Good stock. Kudos! Now please explain the difference between a 450 F and a 450F? I'm kinda feeling like an idiot here. Honestly i had no idea, even tho I've been riding a 450F for 12 years! Thanks for your insight on the Galaxy tho!
  • I went with the S8+ since it was $100 cheaper. I couldn't justify paying more for the Note 8. Best Buy had the best deals during 2017 Black Friday deals that were available the week before. $470 for S8+ was a no brainer. Also picked up for my parents a S8 for $370. Oh and switched carriers from crappy Sprint to Verizon.
  • Also, the S8+ has dual sim while the N8 does not. This may not be important for everyone, but it is for those of us that own or own business and only want to carry around one phone with a work and personal phone number on it.
  • I learn a lot looking at your video. And hope that , I see more good updates in the future.