Galaxy S5

Samsung quietly launched the Galaxy S5 Plus — a faster variant of the standard Galaxy S5 with a 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 805 CPU — in Singapore earlier this year (under the Galaxy S5 4G+ moniker), and now the device is now making its way to Netherlands. If you're wondering, this isn't the international version of the QHD display toting Galaxy S5 LTE-A, although the device features LTE Category 6 connectivity, which allows you to download at 300 Mbps.

The Galaxy S5 Plus retains the 5.1-inch full-HD display seen in the standard variant, with the only differences being the Snapdragon 805 CPU and faster LTE. There isn't any discernible change in the design either, and Samsung is set to launch the device in the same color variants — blue, white, silver and black — as the Galaxy S5.

Pricing information isn't available, but it should be interesting to see the markets Samsung targets with the Galaxy S5 Plus, considering that the Galaxy Note 4 is starting to go on sale in countires around the globe.

What do you guys make of the Galaxy S5 Plus? Would you have been interested if the device featured a QHD display?

Source: Samsung Netherlands; Via: Galaxy Club

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