Galaxy Note 4 or Note Edge: Which should you buy?

Two Galaxy Notes with many similarities, but one big difference — we're going to help you decide which to buy

When Samsung refreshed the Galaxy Note series this year, it gave people an interesting decision to make — Note 4, or Note Edge. With so many similar hardware specs, design elements and software features between the two, it can be tough to understand which model is right for each person. All of the major U.S. carriers carry both the Note Edge and Note 4, as is the case with retailers in other areas, and if you're buying unlocked the price difference of $150 is notable but not a complete deal breaker in itself.

Heading to the store, having narrowed it down to one of the two leading Notes from Samsung, which one should you buy? We're going to break it down and help you choose between the Note 4 and Note Edge.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Where the Note 4 takes the lead

The Note 4 is the gold standard for Samsung in 2014, packing in all of its latest innovations into one (big) device. Not only does it have a huge and gorgeous QHD display, it backs it up with great internal specs, several great software features that take advantage of the screen and of course has the S Pen if you're in to that sort of thing. It's a little big for some people to hold, but if you're comparing it to other large phones Samsung has done its best to lay it out best it can.

The Note 4 has the distinct advantage of being a 'traditional' smartphone.

Compared to the Note Edge, the Note 4 has the distinct advantage of being a "traditional" smartphone, with buttons and edges in the places you expect. There's no learning curve when it comes to holding and operating the Note 4, regardless of whether you've used a Samsung phone before or not. And it's just downright easier to hold in general with standard screen bezels on all four sides of the display.

The advantages go beyond the physical aspects, though, as the Note 4 carries all of the same deep software features as the Note Edge, without the fiddly Edge Screen bits. You still get multi window multitasking, great S Pen features and all of Samsung's (love it or hate it) software experience.

Then of course there's the price — the Note 4 can be had for a good $150 less than the Note Edge when buying unlocked, and that's nothing to shake a stick at when you're talking about phones in the $700 range.

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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Where the Note Edge comes out ahead

The Note Edge is something entirely new for Samsung — the first time it has released a device with such a crazy hardware feature as a mainstream phone that anyone can easily go out and buy. The Edge Screen may be a gimmick for most things, but it shows Samsung is thinking outside of the box, and for what it aimed to do it's executed well.

Do you like starting conversations with strangers? Maybe the Note Edge is for you. There's no way you can use the Note Edge every day and not strike up conversations with curious onlookers — but whether that's a good or bad thing is up to you. It's an attention grabber, to be sure, and for those of us who like having a phone that stands out from the crowd the Note Edge accomplishes that goal perfectly.

The Edge Screen software works, but that doesn't mean it's very useful to have.

But when it comes to actually using the phone, the Note Edge doesn't offer so much value. While the software works, is bug free and handles the minimal tasks it sets out to do properly, there's little reason to actually bother with the Edge Screen at all. The third-party panel (the software for the Edge Screen) options are sorely lacking right now, and Samsung's pre-loaded panels are minimally useful. The benefit of being on the Note Edge early on, though, is watching the software evolve before your eyes. As more developers get on board with the Edge Screen and make new panels you'll be the first to see them, and Samsung will surely be updating the core software experience with future OS updates.

You need to pay about $150 more for the Note Edge compared to the Note 4 though, and except for the questionably-useful Edge Screen the phones are basically identical. Same internals, cameras and hardware across the board, aside from necessary changes to accommodate the curved display.

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Galaxy Note Edge and Note 4

So, which one should you buy?

It's going to be a pretty clear choice for most people to go with the Galaxy Note 4 over the Note Edge. The Note 4 is pretty expensive on its own, and adding another $150 to that price for some limited extra functionality is a tough pill to swallow. While the Note Edge certainly sets itself apart from the crowd, and keeps you on the bleeding edge of new smartphone tech, this is one of those times that being an early adopter doesn't clearly pay off in any way. The sales numbers will surely back this up through the lifecycle of these two phones — and we're sure you won't regret going with the Note 4.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Edge for the cool factor. Note 4 if you just want to be average.
  • Both of you and other people are going to laugh at you if you get the edge. Posted via the Android Central App
  • You mean like how people will laugh at you when you attempt to form a sentence? :-D
  • Most people laugh at you for having a huge phone either way. They won't know the difference. My note 4 attracts a lot of comments. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Everyone will laugh at you when you demonstrate your pitiful grasp on the English language. Posted via the Android Central App
  • stay away from gimmicks and novelties.
  • That's a pretty sad life to live.
  • nope. gimmicks only bring sadness and buyer's remorse. and only fools fall for gimmicks.
  • I bet you said the same all over the internet 3 years ago when the first Note was out. "Stay away from this pen gimmick! Nothing good will ever come from it!!" :D
  • I was absolutely in that camp when the first Note came out. Not ashamed to admit I was wrong as hell. Sent from my Nexus 5, behind six proxies
  • false equivalence fallacy. now GFY.
  • That's what they said about the first Galaxy Note and now here we are with the Note 4 which had 2 variations of it Posted via Android Central App
  • Yoyr gimmick = my feature Posted by my soon to be retired Note 3
  • Who said it's anything to "fall for?" Aren't you a pompous little arse Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's crazy how so many people called smartphones gimmicks when they came out. Everyone mocked all the new features as being worthless and overpriced and unnecessary. You'd think those of us on this website would be above making that mistake of assuming all new features are gimmicks and novelties. Some people take much longer to learn from the past I suppose.
  • Not a gimmick . Posted via the Android Central App
  • "Gimmick" is just a matter of adoption. Everything is a gimmick until enough people decide it's useful. Sent from my Nexus 5, behind six proxies
  • +1....Wishful thinking will not keep this trick pony alive (even for those that bought one)....LOL
  • Lol and yet a year later there's a Note 5, a Galaxy 6 & 6 Edge, PLUS the Galaxy 7 Edge...
  • If every one was like you, we'd still be living in caves. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Both are great Posted via the Android Central App
  • Note 4 for sure. Posted via the Moto X Pure Edition
  • I bought the note 3 for 300 dollars less than the note 4 over the weekend. I feel I made a good decision. t-mobile doesn't subsidize phones of course. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I had a Note 3, great phone, but I can't live without having the latest and greatest. Posted via the Moto X Pure Edition
  • Could you please tell us what makes your phone the greatest?
  • Considering there are quite a few flagship phones out and the best one is dependable entirely upon what works for the owner, I would also like to know what makes your device the latest and greatest... Unless you meant the best phone that works for you Therefore making it the best.... For you. Posted via some candy
  • The reason I asked is because he said he left the Note 3 for the Moto X. If he formerly thought the Note 3 was the "latest and greatest," I wanted to know what he thought was better on the Moto X. The Note line is great to me because of the functionality of the pen. The Note is not just a phone with a stylus included, it has loads of very useful and refined functions built around the pen, which is actually a Wacom tablet built right into the phone. Pressure sensitivity aside (which I don't rely on much anyway), it allows you to do various things in just 2 or 3 steps that, on other phones, would take twice as many, and with much more time. For this reason, since he evidently liked the Note 3, I wondered what were the differences between it and the Moto X that made him abandon the former for the latter. Did he like the Note simply because of its specs? The screen? The camera? The pen? Which of these (obviously not the pen) was topped by the Moto X? For me, the pen and its accompanying software make the phone. I couldn't live without a pen after seeing how useful it is. I had the option of upgrading to the Note 4/Edge, and I decided to wait. the new Note isn't a vast improvement over the Note 3 (though the camera certainly is tempting), and with Samsung doing a complete rewrite of its entire line, I decided to wait and see what the Note 5 brings to the table. Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be light years beyond the Note 3, if only in terms of speed and camera. So that's what made me so curious. He had The Pen and he left it for a phone, so I wondered why he chose the pen, and why he left it.
  • My Edge is EVERYTHING your 4 is and then some. Answers clear to me. I do like my dock in the extra screen which opens up the "main portion" Posted via the Android Central App
  • I see your point, however, your options for cases, batteries and other third party accessories will never be the same as if you went with the mainstream Note 4.
  • @Rebelfury76 Errm no not really, your note edge has a smaller battery and smaller screen and less metal with more plastic meaning less premium compared to my note 4.
    I hope your left handed and good luck finding a case lol.
  • Action, I'm not an accessory whore and even then, like what? All Bluetooth works, cables are the same...what am I "missing out on?" And other guy, the battery is close enough that most people aren't going to notice. They're not so different that you get to say "haha! Mine is bigger." It's all how you use the phone especially when ours are only a few MaH different. Less metal? More plastic? Where? I can't find it. Smaller screen? Dude. It's 0.1" different. Even then my dock is on the side in the edge where yours is huge, taking up a good portion of the bottom of the screen. So, even then the Edge is a clear winner. For content and everything else, again 5.6" or 5.7". Shut up. Cases? Yeah sure there aren't as much and likely won't be but I rocked the OEM S View case everyday on my Note 3 and have the equivalent on my edge. I don't intend to switch. So yes, what is important to me, the Edge fits the bill perfectly. If you want to be in line with the crowd, not stand out, play it safe and ho hum, do your own thing. But when we're standing next to each other people want to check out my phone. Besides with the way things are going you'll only have your phone a year or two. You're not buying a house dude. Live a little. Have fun with your toys don't be so caught up in having a bunch of cases and garbage "available" that, let's be honest, you'll probably never buy. You'll find one case you like for your regular old N4 and that's how it'll stay. I like NEW tech not "upgraded" tech. I work around these phones all day and it's got to the point where smartphones can't be innovated past what they are. Unless manufacturers start thinking outside the box, and consumers support them when they do, we're in for years more of "better battery life and faster processor." Woo hoo..... So in closing, I got my Edge because I wanted something fun and different. You people are trying to justify buying the same old for some really lame reasons and sorry, I'm not playing that game. See ya in the funny papers. Posted via the Android Central App
  • As a Note 4 owner, i'd trade it in for a Note Edge in a heartbeat. However, don't say your Edge is everything the Note 4 is AND THEN SOME and then get all defensive when people use facts to tell you how you're wrong. You asked for them to bring those points up by your attitude. The Edge looks freaking awesome and I do wish i'd waited. I'm envious of you for having it. But there's no reason to get all defensive just because people proved your absolute statement factually incorrect. Just enjoy your phone and leave it at that.
  • Except it wasn't correct hence the spanking I delivered above Posted via the Android Central App
  • Already have a Note 4 and love it! :) Posted via the Android Central App
  • When is verizon getting the edge?
  • Ask someone at Verizon Posted via the Android Central App
  • I bought the Note 4 and I love it. If Samsung announced a trade in offer to let Note 4 owners adopt the Edge, i'd do it that very day.
  • I would buy your note 4 for $300 and you could put that money towards your note edge,
  • That's an obnoxious offer Posted via the Android Central App
  • Buy it for $750 and you've got a deal.
  • Well if you're Richard Yarrell, you talk a big game about buying both, only to then claim to only get the Note 4 (on T-Mobile), while spewing crap about how other people are "piss poor", need to stop complaining (even though it's only an extra couple hundred dollars compared to other phones), or "can't afford to buy yearly".
  • I own both devices. I purchased the Note 4 outright when it became available because at the time of the initial phone announcement it was unclear how widespread the Note Edge would be available around the world. However, when my carrier announced they would be carrying the Note Edge I was delighted and faced a decision about whether to buy one, and if I did, what would I do with my Note 4? Well, because I like being an early adopter and I wanted to make my decision based on my own experience with both devices, I decided to buy the Note Edge as well. It's been two weeks now and my Note 4 has not left the top of my bedroom dresser. It's too late to return it, so I will just keep it as my backup should something happen to the Note Edge. With the Edge I have all the software features and advanced hardware of the Note 4 (I'm glad Samsung did that), but with the added convenience of the edge panel. For those considering these two phones I recommend you pick up the Note 4 first, try it during the trial period, then return it and get the Note Edge and do the same thing. Once you've tried both devices in your world you will come away with knowing the pros and cons of each and which device works best in your world. For me, the Note Edge works best. I use the side panels as the most natural and convenient way to access my favorite and most frequent apps (up to 20 can be stored on the panel at one time), view notifications, time, date, weather, news, sport scores of my favorite teams, stock ticker, incoming calls, s-health info, and night mode alarm clock without ever turning on the display. Taking nothing away from my Note 4, but if I went back to a "traditional" smartphone it would drive me crazy in the same way I could never go back to 2011 and use a phone or tablet again that didn't have a s-pen. These added features have proven to be so useful for the way I live, work, and play.
  • You sir, are one hard core samsung enthusiast. Right on.
  • I'm curious about the Edge from the tech geek perspective, but actually the Note 4 has slightly better battery life and I would rather have that.
  • Not enough for the average user to ever notice and even then it's all how you use it Posted via the Android Central App
  • I love my note 4! The note edge is cool and all!
  • I know I want the Edge but my contract is not up till September and to me it is more than a gimmick - coming from a Windows Phone this enables me to get information without touching the screen
  • If you are left handed, and hold the phone in your right hand, the note 4 wins out. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The Edge converts the screen for lefties, no matter what hand you use, got covered!
  • Before they came out I had no interest in the edge and was set on the note 4. But I can admit I was wrong the edge is not a gimmick . once u go edge you won't be able to go back. Apps switching , quick access and future new useful features. Only thing was the note 4s width was excellent for a larger phone but the edge is a little wider with a slightly smaller main screen. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Well I'm typing from my note 4 so you can guess which one I pick. I'm not dogging the edge. I'm just not sold on the extra stuff. Posted on my Sexy Note 4
  • I don't have either (Droid Turbo) but I would love tot try the edge. I think that it is important that companies try new things. You never know where it might lead.
  • I own a Note 3 now. I am all for the Note Edge no doubt, I be happy to have all my icons on the edge without cluttering my desktop. Cleaner interface and that thing is a beauty. Posted via Android Central App
  • Come on in, the water is fine Posted via the Android Central App
  • If I had more patience I would've definitely gotten the edge but I have the 4 and it's the greatest phone I've ever laid my paws on, so I'm not complaining
  • Either of the two are excellent gadget. Since they are both from Samsung, you expect nothing but the best features, specs and functions.
  • I really wanna see where the developers and Samsung can take this. Coming from an S3 Im happy with my Note 4, however I will be keeping a close eye on the Edge and where it goes from here. Posted via my Sprint Note 4
  • I got the Note 4 and my daughter got the Edge. They are both fantastic phones! Posted via Android Central App
  • You bought your kid a $1,000 phone?! Times has really changed... :D I got a Chewbacca action figure when I was a kid.
  • You have no idea how old her daughter may be Posted via the Android Central App
  • I thought the same thing!! What a misinformed statement Posted via the Android Central App
  • Well, it was a partly humorous statement... Sorry for trying to be funny on the internet. I'll try to avoid that in the future. I also did get other toys than a Chewbacca action figure when I was a kid.
  • I got my Note Edge literally the day before Android Central did the review, and based on the review I ALMOST sent it back unopened and ordered the Note 4. But I took a chance on having to pay the restocking fee and opened up the Note Edge. I'm glad I did. The Edge is strikingly cool, and I do actually use the edge-screen. A lot, actually. I'm really looking forward to seeing developers code for it, if it hits critical mass. Caveats: (1) Cost wasn't really a factor for me, as my firm pays for my phone. I get wanting to save $120 if it's out of your own pocket. (2) I have really big hands. The Note Edge is seriously WIDE.
  • I think that the Note Edge will be my next phone. Just like when the original Note was announced; I like The fact that the Edge if different from every other phone out there. Innovation is great for everyone and in my opinion, Samsung is the leader of that when it comes to the Note series. Posted via the Android Central App
  • All the Note phones have been great. I had a Note 3 last year... Loved it. I got an Edge 2weeks ago... Fantastic device! Practical and easy to use, plus it's damn fast and smooth! The curved screen works great, natural feeling, very handy design! Samsung did a fine job . They could curve BOTH sides next time around... The future is here now.. Curves enhance the viewing area... Nice visual to it!
  • Maybe I'll try the note edge "2" next year after I'm done with the upcoming galaxy S6... Posted via My Beastly Galaxy Note 4...(T-Mobile)
  • You upgrade every six months? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Wish I could have held off but no I was like a kid crimbo morning wanting to get my paws on the beast. Well maybe edge 2 as no way samsung will let it die. using my note4 or nexus 9
  • Note 4 and loving it!!! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Retiring my Note 3 soon for the Note 4!
  • I have both devices, a Note 4 and the Note Edge and I can honestly say that the Note Edge has a lot more function than gimmick. it is a bit gimmicky in the way it looks at first glance- However it is incredibly functional! In fact I prefer it over the Note 4 because instead of having less screen real estate for my apps etc. I actually have that on the edge screen and it makes up more than with having less screen real estate and both phones are absolutely fantastic so there is no wrong answer as far as either one. My husband prefers the Note 4. I prefer the Edge. They both function incredibly well, and I personally couldn't be happier with either purchase. Posted via the Android Central App
  • P.s. it's ONLY gimmicky of you haven't spent REAL time with it. Playing with it in a store isn't going to give you a true understanding of it's capabilities and usefulness. My husband prefers the Regular Note 4, but readily admits that it (the Edge screen) adds real value to the Phone. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Note 4 i hate big phones thats why i got a.. (phablet)
  • I am a note fan but I would easily choose the edge if I had the chance
  • Note 4 for sure. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I really wanted to get the Note edge. But the phone don't support the Gear VR. It was a bummer because I wanted something new. That is why I got the Note 4 instead for the Gear VR when it comes out. I am highly supportive of new technology advancement, so I just want to dip my fingers in something new for a change. This is only the beginning for mobile VR. So if it's good enough for my taste, I won't mind getting the Note 5 or Note Edge 2 for a better experiences.
  • I wanted the note 4 I got lg g3 instead it was just too much to upgrade. Besides There was lots of development on this phone on xda which was one of the deciding factors maybe I will like it my first none Samsung or note series phone. Posted via the Android Central App
  • sub.
  • As a left-hander it has to be the note 4, although I'm not convinced it's enough of an upgrade to dump my note 3!
  • You are aware that you can use the edge as a lefty. You even get the onscreen Android buttons if you flip it as a lefty.
  • I went with the Note 4 because it was cheaper.
  • "The Note 4 is the gold standard for Samsung in 2014" Because at the end of the day, Andrew, I saw what you did there!
  • Love my Note 4 and since I'm left handed the Edge wasn't an option. The side screen is going to cause to much trouble if you always hold your phone in your right hand and use your left for most applications.
  • When is Verizon going to sale the Edge? I'm so done with waiting :-( my old Droid Razar is killing me. (Phone will be 4 years old soon). Anyone have inside info????
  • I compared both at AT&T. I liked the Note 4 better but I can see how the Edge would appeal to some. Its definitely unique.
  • Yes thanks, you too! Oh and I found the name...It's called "goStrap". I use it on both my e-reader and my phone. It definitely has stopped the dropping problem but probably just as importantly, it has given me back the use of my hand!!! They have a website but you can also get them at The Container Store. Hope this helps and best of luck!
  • I was in the T-Mobile store looking for a Nexus 6 (nowhere to be found) and had a chance to play with the Note Edge. I thing it looks col but doesn't do a lot at the moment. i really liked how the football scores scrolled past. If my Nexus 6 that i ordered about 13 days ago doesn't get here in another week I may go get an edge for the f*ck of it.
  • I'd like to say THANK YOU to everyone who posted a comment here. I've been using a Windows Phone since 2009, which I really enjoyed, however I'm ready for something new. I'm totally clueless about what the whole Android rave is about, but I played with the Note Edge at the AT&T store and I really found it to be a sexy device. I didn't feel that the curved screen edge is a gimmick at all, I know for sure it's gonna be useful, and as a programmer myself, I'd like to get creative and see what I can cook up for it. I'm not very knowledgeable about Gear VR, supposedly it's lacking in the Note Edge is this something I should be concerned about? I also heard that this is not a "gamer's" phablet, as long as it can run Minecraft Pocket Edition and Pixel Gun 3D then I'm set. Someone, please give me a little nudge to go out and get a Note Edge, I'm super excited about this phone, but a little scared as well, as I usually stick with a phone for two years before getting a new one. Thanks to anyone who responds!
  • Love my note edge so far. Totally worth it!
  • Note edge if you're coming from note 3 like me. If you're coming from note 2, note 4 will do. For a slightly different experience and cool factor the edge Is the best thing out. I'm loving mine Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have the Note 4 now, but am eagerly awaiting the release of the Note Edge on Verizon Wireless...I must ask any current Note Edge owners for your thoughts/experiences with the device, as I am seriously considering buying it to have both. One thing I am curious about, as I work in maintenance in a factory, is screen protectors/cases...I know its early to expect anything like Otter box to be out yet, but I am curious as to what your thoughts are as a current owner? How would you expect something like that to fit it? Etc...
  • go to amazon they have accessories. that's where i bought my screen protector and flip cover
  • I was intrigued initially by the Edge however after playing around with a few demo units at Best Buy I found the edge screen to be incredibly unresponsive. Often times it took multiple swipes of the finger to advance to the other panels. That and having to tilt my head sideways to view any of the streaming content felt awkward. Count me out however I remain optimistic to see what Samsung can do with this as well as 3rd party developers.
  • THE BIG DIFFERENCE IS RADIATION: The Galaxy EDGE puts out HALF the SAR as the NOTE 4.
    NOTE 4 - 1.20 W/kg - GALAXY EDGE -0.67 W/kg
    Check out the FCC documents
    NOTE 4:
  • I bought the Note Edge because it looked cool. I don't really care about all that speed and other things you guys are arguing about. I have had Iphones, Blackberries, HTC and Nokia. I don't think it really matters what phones you have; it is just having what you are comfortable with or what it is that you like. I mean, do people really care what cell phone you or I use? There are people with mobile phones that aren't even android and if they seem happy with those; then why do we all need to argue about who has the biggest and the best ; or the latest. We should just be happy that we are able to afford these phones; as many I am sure are envious of what we have.
  • Here is my thinking, I have had every Note released (Except the Note 4, I got the N Edge) I have been a smartphone user/early adopter since before they were cool. I like the Edge, it does everything the N4 does plus some new things. Besides getting the additional features, Samsung has taken a risk with offering an innovation in a mainstream product. I for one want to encourage them to continue to release cool innovative products. (honestly, if I thought it was dumb I would have gone N4) JMHO Cheers.
  • I went last night to purchase the Edge. They were out of stock so I called around and every Verizon carry had none available. That tells me they are in high demand. I had the salesman order me one and I'll pick it up tomorrow. Excited to see the new features and I'm all about being different. ;)
  • I don't think the S-Pen is a gimmick. I use S-Pen extensively to copy and paste text, chop web photos, take quick notes, sign my signature, etc. Right now, I still have the Note II, rooted of course, and last night it decided to dead on me so I'm shopping for a new Samsung phone. I was leaning towards the Note Edge, but that's is another $150 more then the Note 4. So I'm debating if I should get the Edge or the Note 4.
  • If you decided on the note 4 you will love it as I have been using it For 2 years now and I absolutely love it, best 800 dollars I have spent in my life besides the money i spent on my wedding dress, but I am considering an upgrade and I'm looking forward to getting the note edge I mean I spent 800 on the note 4 what is an extra 150 going to hurt? Lol I just hope i Iove it just as much as the note 4 if not more for that much money!!! ☺
  • I wonder which one is easier to extract from Richard Gere's rectum in the emergency room?
  • I'm currently use Unlocked Note 3 version . Now my friend would like to buy it from me and i've promise to sell it, so i decided to upgrade my phone into 2.7Ghz of CPU just to having a good gaming experience and having some new tweaks, design, that available on both N4 and NEdge. Unlikely, i'm holding my phone using my left hand but sometimes when playing a vertical games or neither typing on keyboards, i prefer both hands. So which version was better for me? I mean, for a "Snapdragon" version between both models. I need some advice before choosing between it so i won't regret in future.
  • I replaced my note 3 with an Edge yesterday and loving it!
    I am a lefty and holding the phone in my right hand is absolutely no problem at all! I scroll up and down with my thumb and it doesn't feel weird or anything! All the features I use most are a thumb click away!
    Love it! Love it! Love it! :)
  • Idk I'm really liking the note edge!!! and I want to get it the more I read UP on it the more I want it!!! I have the note 4 right now and I paid nearly 900 dollars for the damn thing but it was worth it I just want an upgrade as I have had the note 4 for 2 years now and the edge is so calling my name!!!
  • Note 4 for me don't like the way the note edge looks..
  • Actually I like the Edge better. You can set it to be a clock at night. So when you wake up a quick look and you know the time. Haven't had any trouble maneuvering with the "edge" and I'm 74. Don't have to ask the grand kids to show me stuff, here....we work pretty much on par.
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