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Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear coming to Sprint on October 4

Sprint has just announced that it'll be carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from Oct. 4, along with its companion device, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The phone will run an eye-watering $349.99 on-contract, and will be available in black and white (no blush pink, we're afraid). The watch will set you back $299.99, same as other carriers are charging.

Sprint will launch the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear a few days after they hit AT&T and T-Mobile — on Oct. 1 and 2 respectively. Verizon's Note 3 will follow around a week later, on Oct. 10.

Galaxy Note 3 hands-on preview

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Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • Cant wait for tmobile to get it! Posted via Android Central App
  • I will be in my favorite Tmobile store October 2nd 8:30am for my Note 3 purchase. Posted from my Galaxy Note 2 via Android Central App.
  • Can't wait! Looking forward to this power house... Posted via the Android Central App on my Note 2
  • Triband?
  • Hell no... Posted via Android Central App
  • There are reports that it was not correct and not the sprint version or that it was just an early filing since the triband was not active yet
  • hopefully that is true
  • +1
  • Link??
  • that's what I keep seeing as well.. that it was an early version with One band.. hopefully that is true as I'd like at least dual-band
  • Hopefully Posted via Android Central App
  • Unfortunately it isn't.. Posted via Android Central App
  • so how many bands does it have?
  • For LTE? ONLY One!! :(
  • I'm still getting the phone though, haha... sucks though with One band.. but ehh oh well
  • Same here. By the time that I can take advantage of the triband. In my area I will be at my next upgrade Posted via Android Central App
  • No. Im putting my foot down. I own a Note 2. Love the phone and wanted to upgrade to a Note 3 but $349 on contract? Really? This is getting out of hand Samsung. I love the connectivity with my sammy TV but this price hike for nothing really new other than upgraded internals will get me to look at other options.
  • Just do the new One Up plan for $0 down... Posted via Android Central App
  • $349 is the Sprint price, other carriers are selling the Note 3 for $299.
  • Upon second thought it is Sprints bad that this is $349 not Samsung. I was thinking there was a MSRP that all carriers are sticking to. I have been a sprint customer for a long time now and I love their unlimited plan. I actually get less than optimal service whre I live but have found that sprint is consistently available in more places than the other carriers. They also usually get the better phones before t-mobile, ATT and verizon with the best service in my area. Ill see what Best Buy or others have to offer for this rather than go direct through sprint.
  • If you do the math, they've set themselves up perfectly for this though. If you figure their 20 month upgrade cycle at $15/month (which is what they discount out for the One Up program)that's $300 + $349 = $649 which is probably about what the full retail of the phone is. However, if they were truthful the subsidy built into their plan is probably closer to $20/month which would come out to $400 over the course of your 20 months. So it really should be $249 down. Just my thoughts though.
  • Buy off contact... That's what I'm doing. Never have to worry about the politics, as it will always be 600-700 bucks. Posted via the Android Central App on my Note 2
  • Off-contract purchases aren't very compelling in the CDMA userspace. You're stuck with the carrier and paying the same monthly anyway so you may as well let them take half the handset price away and lock in.
  • agreed. i'm done with the chains of CDMA.
  • I don't really care much. It's not as if there's much more GSM portability in the USA. We're getting more prepaid options, sure, but they still piggyback off the two primary networks. In other words, you're still with AT&T or T-Mobile even if you're not.
  • I totally agree with you. I paid $300 for the Note 2 last year and there is no frigging way I'm dropping $349 for ANY phone on contract. Not when the Nexus 4 launched at $349. May be time to leave Sprint....... Posted via Android Central App
  • Don't blame Samsung place the blame where it BELONGS on SPRINT. Tmobile is selling it for 199 down, At&t and Verizon are selling it for 299. So why does Sprint feel the need to sell it for more than everyone else????? Guess hard times are taking place and people are leaving Sprint anyway. The device is Top notch definitely nothing is better than the Galaxy Note 3. But that price they are selling it for better be for the 64gb version not the 32gb version. If it's not they just cut off there hand definitely. Posted from my Galaxy Note 2 via Android Central App.
  • Anyone know the one up price? Don't see the full price anywhere.
  • $0 down.. Prob $20-30 a month Posted via Android Central App
  • UGH what about the mega 6.3??? I just can't bring myself to $349 + tax and crap. I don't need the latest and greatest, just the biggest. lol
  • Finally!! Posted via Android Central App
  • Damn I was actually waiting for this phone, 350 on contract? That some bullshit Posted via Android Central App
  • Tree Fiddy? Don't give Samsung no Tree Fiddy. Maybe, maybe if this device was atleast triband LTE, I might consider it once amazon inevitably knocks off $100, but to put this thing out with single band LTE on Sprint and ask that kind of money? You gotta be crazy. Especially considering there is a very good chance that there is going to be a triband LTE nexus 5 coming out in a month or two. I would rather keep might Note 2 for another year than get this thing. Posted via Android Central App
  • selling my note 2 for 300 bux, and buying this baby to go with my note 8.0, samsung ultrabook core i5, and my 46 inch samsung smart tv!
  • You got some Sammy up in ya fo' sho'
  • Getting the note 3 from AT&T for $38.00 life is good very very very good!!!!!!!!!!! and selling my note 2 for $350
  • 300 for a phone and all the bugs haven't been worked out yet. Ill wait a couple months let all the early adopters find all the problems
  • Dan Hesse and crew have lost there minds. $349?! Single band?! Maybe if it was $349 for the 64gb version...Maybe... AC, can you please enlighten us on the single band vs tri-band argument? Oh, yeah,go Fins!!! 3-0 is LOVELY!!!
  • A few things. 1 - Getting a phone from Sprint when Amazon Wireless, Wirefly, et al usually offer it cheaper is a waste of time and money. Sprint is rarely the cheapest. 2 - Sprint 4G Rollout Updates (S4GRU dot com) has already published the FCC docs and done analysis on the information. The Note 3 (despite everyone's desires to the contrary) will be uniband for LTE and support 1900 Mhz only. It appears that the trade-off is that it will be a world phone, but if you're not a world traveler and don't live next to a Sprint LTE tower, it's cold comfort.
  • A month ago this would have been my new phone. Now, I am waiting for the Nexus 5. Hopefully they can work it out similar to Apple and sell them through Google. Also, I don't think triband will matter to anyone. The new iPhone isn't triband. Sprint's LTE rollout has been so slow that I really doubt anyone will make use of all the bands by the time another upgrade comes around. Sprint isn't in any hurry.
  • The iphone is dualband. The LTe 800Mhz it has is what everyone wants. Who cares about 2.5
  • $350. Holy crap.
  • I want that watch!!!! Posted via Android Central App
  • Well Sprint/Samsung, I was all set to buy the Note 3 when it came out. But, NOY for $350. NOPE!!!! Given the other options out there, and given the fact that this phone does not have tri-band, and given the lackluster design, I was had to work hard to convince myself to purchase this device. But for $350, you all can kiss it!!! I suspect that you all are wanting to sell more iPhones 5s for Apple at the $299 price point, by making the Note 3 out of reach. Well, I'm not buying your overpriced (given what other networks are charging) Note 3, and I'm not buying that stupid a$# iPhone. Guess I'll be sticking with my Note 2 and wait for the Nexus 5. Just hope and pray that I don't end up keeping my phone till the end of my contract, because if I do, I'M DONE WITH YOU.
  • From your comment, it does not appear that you ever considered the Note 3. "Lackluster design" "had to work hard to convince myself to purchase this device" People who want the Note 3 like to love the design and never had to convince themselves to get one.
  • I think youre wrong dude. I wanted the Note 3 just as much as I wanted the note 2(which i love). I personally think the design is crappy on the 3. The back of the phone is unusable to me because I need to put a normal case on it. I know I can buy one of those flip cases but that makes it annoying to take pictures quickly and easily. You have to unfold the case and let it flop down if you take pics in landscape more (which you should) and you look douche-y doing it so I put a normal case on it so I can capture that face my son makes when hes taking a shit in his dipe (which I will use to embarass him in the future!) Ive had that thing dig into my wrists too which was annoying as well. Just to snap a quick picture! Regardless of the design I still wanted the Note 3, HOWEVER, you couple that with the $350 on contract price and its done. Ill wait. I think Sprint/Sammy are banking on guys like you, the ones that see something shiny and "spec"-tacular and shell out whatever they tell you to. I had no problem paying 299 for the note 2 but if everyone pays $350 for this one, soon it will be $399 for the note 4.
  • It just seems like too big of an oversight/shortcoming to offer this phone in single-band LTE, especially for a comparatively jacked up price compared to other carriers. I'm waiting for official, Sprint-announced specs before I decide my next step.
  • To follow up...I've been thinking of nothing but this phone. But maybe the LG G2 is something I really need to give some consideration to.
  • I rather buy me nexus 7 and keep my HTC one Posted via Android Central App
  • That's my current setup and it works out great for me.
  • I appreciate all you folks who not are buying because now you know the price. It means I should have no problem finding one on release day, and in the color I prefer. I owned the original Note, switch to At&t from Sprint to do so. When Sprint announced they would carry the Note 2, I came back to Sprint and have been using my Note 2 for the past year (still the best all-in-one device on the market in my opinion). Now that the Note 3 is coming in two weeks I will purchase this one as well. Sprint is only charging $50 more on contract than the others, but with the cost of service so much less than the others it's basically a wash in the end. If you intend to stay with Sprint then you might as well, as another posted suggested, to buy on contract since the device is locked to Sprint anyway. Sprint probably is charging $349 because they offer $100 off any smartphone to anyone willing to port their number, thus bringing the cost down to $249 for newbies to Sprint. For us existing customers no such discount exist, but I still will have my brand new Note 3 & G Gear on October 4.
  • A fool and his money are soon parted ways. And you are proof. I've been a faithful Sprint customer for 12 years, and always paid my bill, always recommended Sprint to other people even though they always promise more, I always stuck with them. But after Sprint delayed announcing the release of the Note 3 after every other carrier had announced and also had pre-orders for the device shortly after, for absolutely no reason, Sprint would not announce they were carrying the Note 3. I asked Sprint many times over the last few weeks on Twitter why they weren't announcing. Today we found out why. Sprint is like an abusive husband. He will promise you the moon and stars and everything will be awesome, but never really follows through and just ends up disappointing and letting you down no matter what. Personally, this is the last straw. Where I live, Sprint barely has any service, there is no LTE wheresoever in Iowa, even though we have been promised LTE for the last year and a half. They keep building LTE towers in little towns for absolutely no reason instead of where their customers actually live and could use their service. And lastly, let's take a look at price. T-Mobile has the Note 3 for $199. AT&T and Verizon have it for $299. And all these devices are tri-band LTE Sprint has single band LTE and has it for $349?? Does it make coffee? Does it do anything special except cost $50 more for absolutely no reason other than Sprint decided to gouge its faithful customers because they can? If you honestly thing you're getting a deal, you aren't. I will agree the Note 3 will be an awesome phone. But when the network isn't any faster than a dog taking a leak, it's basically useless unless you're on WiFi. And if you're thinking that you're getting the better end of the deal here, then you go ahead and think that and play the role of the abused wife and keep getting slapped around and go back for more. Personally, I'm done. I apologize for the whole "abused wife" reference and didn't mean to offend anyone, but that's just how it feels to me.
  • You got it right! I was always a release day guy. Note 2, Galaxy S2, OG Evo, Palm Pre. etc etc. I loved the 12 month cycle (GONE). I have been paying $10/month extra for 4G service I have never been able to enjoy in the god damned capitol city of NEW YORK! P.S. They took out that extra charged and incorporated it into the cost of the plan so you cant bitch anymore. This is Sprint price gouging 100%. Let that other guy get the Note 3 on release day and laugh while he overdrafts his bank account. Ill rock my note 2 until my contract is up and then make a serious decision where makes the most sense to put my money.
  • they're simply making it $350 to make the iphone 5c and 5s prices look more attractive. Them charging $50 extra has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the service rates are cheaper than the competitions.
  • I am keeping my N2, and passing on the Gear at its current price point.
  • I have a 50$ thing from best buy that if I buy a new phone from them I get the 50$ in a gift card. If they have it on the 4th it is a wash. The s view case is what 25 and a new battery is 20 so that won't be terrible Posted via your wifes, girlfriends phone
  • Oh and that was crap I was gonna buy anyway so no one says I am forced to or whatever. On principal though this sucks Posted via your wifes, girlfriends phone
  • Lol. The s view case is 60 bucks. Posted via Android Central App
  • Somehow I do not think that will be the price. On one retailer is supposedly selling it online for about that but the s4 case is down to 25 Posted via your wifes, girlfriends phone
  • This is the 1st time in FOREVER that I'm not taking the hook. This has gone too far. People don't pay the $349.00 because the note 4 will be $400.00 "IF" Sprint sees that you took this bait. The Note 2 is doing just fine for me. I'm willing to wait 1 year to see if price goes down etc.
  • I think enough people will take the bait. I for one am one of those people. There are enough people who have to have the latest and the greatest gadget, and are willing to pay a premium price to do it. At $650 for the phone, and $299 for the Gear, I am ready. :-) Posted via Android Central App
  • Well I'm a gadget geek, i'll get it no matter what. Maybe try out the new 0 down thing. BUT I hope that Best Buy sees this as an opportunity to get more business by cutting that final fifty off. I buy all of my phones through them anyway because for MY money nothing beats the Black Tie Protection Planl...they have come to my rescue several times over.
  • The protection plans were just changed. There is a $150 deductible for physical damage claims now. That along with other changes to that company and I'm only buying the phone from them now, nothing else. They overprice their cases, cables, and just about everything else. I'd advise you to buy all your accessories elsewhere as well. Sincerely,
    A former employee of that terrible place.
  • I had to fact check your statement and it saddens me to say you're right... what I'm confused about though is when did they make these changes and why didn't they inform those of us paying monthly that there were changes? Also i NEVER get my accessories from brick and mortars---ESPECIALLY BB
  • Did my pre order at best buy!! They are giving you 50.00 for pre order!! Posted via Android Central App
  • Sold my Sprint Note II for $300.00 tonight using CraigsList. I paid $99.00 for it last year using Amazon. Seemed like a no-brainer.
  • what to do... got the s3 now, really want to upgrade but not due till March on my upgrade... do I wait till March and sign new two year get the note 3 and pay 350 or sign up for one up and pay the monthly for a year and then upgrade again in a year with hopefully the note 4....... decisions decisions
  • I was super excited for this phone. I still am, I think it will be great... but I'm not at all happy with Sprint for the extra $50 they want to charge for it. All the other carriers have it available for $299. I still want the phone, but might be looking for a new provider.
  • i am waiting for <a href=''> Galaxy Note 4</a>