Galaxy Note 2 rumored for European release in next two weeks

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 2 back at IFA, an early October launch was hinted at by the company's booth staff, and today the latest round of rumors suggests it could arrive in some parts of Europe even sooner. SamMobile, which has a fairly good track record when it comes to obtaining insider info from the Korean manufacturer, reports that Germany and Italy will get the Note 2 on Sept. 27 and 28 respectively, while most European countries will have to wait until Oct. 1 or 2.

The purported list of release dates is as follows --

  • France - October 1-2
  • Germany - September 27
  • Italy - September 28
  • Netherlands - October 1-2
  • United Kingdom - October 1-2

So, some possible good news for Germans and Italians, and if the rest of the dates are accurate, most of Western Europe will have its hands on the 5.5-inch device within a couple of weeks. As always, remember to take unconfirmed dates like this with a pinch of salt, but we're certainly crossing our fingers for an earier than expected Note 2 release.

Source SamMobile

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • I believe these dates may only refer to the 16GB models - I am still hoping that the 32GB and 64GB are available before something else tempts me. Detailed info is very hard to come by. Apple announced the iPhone5 weeks after the Note II announcement and they already have it in peoples hands in both colours and three different memory models. Samsung need to get themselves organised - even the official Samsung UK site still promotes the original Note with no mention of the Note 2 whatsoever.
  • Samsung needs to get organized?? Apple puts out one phone per year. Samsung is rocking out phones pretty often. Just a different announcement style.
  • I agree, that's what I said too. I hope they delay the Note 3 to Q1 2014 and S4 to Q4 2013, as you hardly get a chance to be content with the devices.
  • Really, you are going with that? Samsung makes the parts that go into their phones (international versions. US we get S4). In any case, why are they announcing products that most consumers can't buy for several months? If the product can't be bought, they should hold off and announce it shortly before it goes for sale.
  • Google is your friend, this has been out for several days:
  • I'm also looking for at least the 32gb model. I own the SGS3, 32 gb in white, I would like nothing better then to pick up the matching Note 2 in white and 32 or 64 gb. I think they would make a very nice package. Thank You Samsung.
  • if samsung hab made the note 10.1 as a 7inch tablet and at a cheper price I would have been extremley interested but seems the note is expensive and I already have a phone non of that notley goodness for me.
  • There is a 7" note tab.
  • Oooh, I'm liking that Titanium Grey color.
  • Old news. Handtec UK and Clove UK are both expecting it Oct 1st, its been known for the past few days.