Galaxy Nexus set for Verizon on Nov. 17 as well?

We're still firmly filing this one in the "unconfirmed" category, but the screen you see above supposedly is a "work in progress" of what's about to go out to Verizon stores. And it pretty much looks like we could be looking at a Nov. 17 availability (and Nov. 15 in-store marketing) for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which would bring Big Red in line with the rest of the world.

We're going to remain a bit dubious until we get word from Verizon itself, and our source says it's "been told the document pictured is a work in progress that will be sent out next week to all retail stores/partners along with promotional materials such as posters and flyers." So we'll see if the document is the work in progress, or the date, or what. And it's always possible this is just a friend of a friend messing with people (hey, it happens). But it does make more sense than waiting past the Black Friday holiday, don't it?

Thanks, anon!

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  • Hope this is true and operation occupy verizon
  • Ha, first post, Mac! You're quick...
  • These fingers are fast like lightning :)
  • I will be at CostCo first in line to get mine on what ever date it come out. This will give my DX a rest and it will still be my back up phone just in case.
  • What is the advantage of Costco vs other retailers?
  • Well Costco usually has either a price discount or adds in some free accessories like cases, chargers, etc. for the retail price. They also have a 90day return window instead of 14days (or 30 in CA). You also have a better chance at picking up a high-demand phone in Costco because you have to be a member, so there aren't usually lines or stock shortages. Just some thoughts.
  • I know at the BJ stores, you don't have to be a member. Is it different at Costco? If so, it's a great idea.
  • Wow, I didn't realize the return window was increased at Costco. That's reason enough right there to get my GN there. Thanks!
  • Well, it's not really increased if you want to return the phone and be able to buy another on contract. Your contract will only be canceled within the normal Verizon grace period, but you can exchange the phone for another within 90 days if you don't like it.
  • "but the screen you see above supposedly is a "work in progress" of what's about to go out to Verizon stores.".... hmmmmmmm how deep does the source rabbit hole go PHIL? . . . You're getting a DRAFT as a leak?... must be a really good source.
  • When it comes to this phone (which I have decided is definitely my next buy), I'm just going to expect it sometime before the end of the year. If it comes this month, great; next month, fine. "Expect Little; No Disappointment. Verizon Wireless." (new VZW tag line)
  • lol I like that tag line
  • I could see them waiting 14 days (Nov 25th) past the release of the RAZR (Nov 10th) to avoid people returning their phones to get the Nexus. Either way, I will be in line on the 17th or later if need be!
  • I have one question for all those of you who want to get this phone. You only want to get it because of the ice cream sandwich right? Because other than that I don't see nothing special about this phone. 16GB without external storage like the others Nexus :-\
  • I think we all want it for different reason, but I want it because its a nexus. Specs arent everything but because its a nexus ICS is optimized to work on this device. Sure we could get something with beefed up specs, but that doesnt always transfer to a good user experience and speed of use of the device. I for one am not worried about storage on the device as I use the cloud a lot Just my 2 cents though, to each his own
  • Well said. This is exactly how I feel as well.
  • That's how I feel as well. I'm ready to put the manufacturer overlays & bloat to rest. After becoming a fan of CM7, I want my next to be a pure Android experience. My phone runs so much faster and efficiently without all of the other stuff they put on the phone.
  • I want it because it's a google phone. Updates will come from google not verizon. That is a huge plus for me, because verizon will drop updating long before google does. And, hopefully, the phone will have no bloat on it, would have to be reason #2 for me.
  • All the specs of this phone are AT LEAST up to par with current phones. One spec that's <= to other phones is the 5mp camera and it has no shutter lag which no other Android phone can claim (that I've heard of). The only other lacking spec I can think of is the missing SD card expansion. Other than those, the Nexus has several advances. The HD screen, ICS, NFC. I feel like I left something out, but for me, there are many good reasons to get this phone. Another being that my OG Droid is starting to fail mechanically. The options button and the touchscreen above it don't work anymore and now the screen is starting to have seizures.
  • My OG Droid does the same thing. It becomes possessed at times and none of the screen space above the search button works... -_- I guess the OG Droid wasn't meant to last much more than two years.
  • Mine started doing this 100% of the time about 5 days ago... can not receive touch feed back and there are phantom presses all over the screen. I joked that it was supposed to lose it after two years but maybe there actually is some hardware in there that simply does not last (it is hardware, I factory reset, and later flashed a custom image and the behavior has persisted). Made the phone completely unusable.
  • And if you happen to get a Razr, and the battery dies, well you're SOL. Repackage, send back in for a replacement (a la iFone)...
  • No Sense or Touchwiz or Blur or any of that crap. Just pure Android and no waiting months for updates from OEMs or providers. yay!
  • Let's hope this is true and maybe a Nov 10 preorder.
  • VZW just had a live Q&A online and I asked about the release of the GN. They said a release date will not be given until the day the phone is released or a few days before it is released, so it SEEMS like there will be no pre-order...
    This actually goes along with the data in the leak as it says Nov 15 is when these promotional ads can be used
  • Probably want to let the RAZR marinate in the market for a while. They are spending a lot on advertising and hype right now.
  • I agree with this.
  • Verizon has previously been known to announce a phone release two days before the release date, taking preorders the day after that. Off the top of my head, I remember that was the pattern with the Droid 2 and the Fascinate last year. So I wouldn't be at all surprised if they announce the release on the 15th, start taking online orders the 16th, and have it in stores the 17th.
  • I am just laying in the cut waiting either way. Regardless Galaxy Nexus will be mines. And it's not all about specs this is and will be the first device that will have it's operating system optimized for its lovely dualcore use and it is and will be optimized for ICS. All those other devices on the market are optimized for what?? Dualcore devices runing on one core why because gingerbread isn't optimized for dualcore devices. Nothing was really special about gingerbread that much from froyo. This Galaxy Nexus will forever have first dibbs on everything for the next year and what a great year it will be. All those devices who will recieve the ICS UPDATE will never run better than this device think about that...
  • Dare I add to your comment: "Now run and tell that homeboy!" ;)
  • I just want it on Tmobile already!I'm hesitant to switch because i've been with them for 9 years... Don't disappoint now, tmob!
  • Maybe other carriers will see this device the following month? Sprint??
  • Any chance corporate accounts might see it a day or two early?
  • I just can't understand why Verizon is not giving out the official launch date ? If its due out in the next couple of weeks they should be promoting this phone like crazy. It is by far the hottest Android phone ever released. And then zero word from Google if other U.S. carriers will get it Dec or Jan ? Very bad marketing so far in my opinion. Have to give Apple credit. They show off the latest phone, with a solid release date on specific carriers it will be on. Not sure why Google is so vague and secretive ? Goggle is an advertising company #1 right ? If they want to destroy Apple, I would release the new Galaxy-Nexus on every fucking carrier on the planet, on the same launch date, that can handle it, and market the piss out of this phone against the iPhone4S. But to only have it come out to Verizon in the U.S. ? WTF, that is just stupid.
  • Verizon and Google have different incentives than Apple. For example, they have less reason to destroy current sales of phones by announcing when the next big thing is available. Verizon has the RAZR out there in the market and want to sell as many of those as possible before the Galaxy Nexus onslaught. A lot of people will buy the RAZR rather than wait for an uncertain release date. Google has the incentive not to step on the releases of other Android phones by other manufacturers. Apple, in contrast, doesn't have to really worry too much about this at all.
  • They don't want to give the date yet, cause it would be very bad marketing in general specially for the RAZR phone...and Zorachus, I see your point and I agree but unfortunately the FCC here in the states is a total Beotch! so they basically have to make sure that all these companies have certain balance in the business..I can't wait for GOOGLE to be the next UMBRELLA CORPORATION haha
  • You mean you don't know about the underground complex?
  • goddamn it.. just release the phone.. I am googling "Galaxy Nexus" 2 hours per day..
  • me too -__- glad I'm not the only one. I've had an old blackberry ever since my Eris died in August and its KILLING me. I've had an upgrade since September but I've been holding out for this. If it weren't for my galaxy tab 10.1 idk what I would do with myself lol
  • It's looking like they will be in stores and on line on Nov 17th. Marketing materials can go up on the 15th. Yay. This makes a lot of sense since that is the EU and Asian release date as well. Then two weeks later they launch the big ad campaign for the end of year/holiday focus after the Razr has its 2 weeks in the spotlight.
  • Please let the 17th hurry and get here! My OG Droid is acting up!
  • OG Droid = timebomb? I am starting to think so...
  • ...dammit I just ordered the RAZR. Wish I'd seen this info.