MrMobile says the Galaxy Fold is the beginning, not the end, of foldable phones

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

By now, you've seen reports of Galaxy Fold review units breaking within mere days of use, and one of our own here at Mobile Nations eventually succumbed as well. But despite the Fold's dishearteningly rocky start, MrMobile isn't dissuaded by foldable phones — in fact, he says they're the form factor of the future.

The Galaxy Fold is big and a bit awkward to use, especially when trying to use the tiny outer screen, and the massive crease occupying the center of the phone when unfolded is unavoidable. As a first-generation product, it practically feels like a prototype … but that's missing the point.

Using the Galaxy Fold is a lot like using the Galaxy S10+ in all the ways that matter. Battery life is outstanding, and you get the same excellent set of cameras for versatile shooting. The display looks amazing, and great features like wireless power sharing are all still here. But unlike the S10+, the Galaxy Fold offers functionality that no other phone currently on the market can.

In an instant, the Galaxy Fold can change its size and shape to adapt to what you're doing, whether that's reading an article, writing out notes, or watching videos and movies. Folding phones are unquestionably still the future, and the Galaxy Fold is just the start. Watch MrMobile's Galaxy Fold video to learn more, and subscribe to catch the full review when it drops!