Android gadgets of the week: D-Link Water Sensor, SmartPrompt Pan and more!

We're hauling out the best Android gadgets of the week again! We're always on the lookout for the snazziest in wearables, smart home devices, cases, wireless speakers, and anything else that can connect to your phone or tablet. This go-around, D-Link has a new way of letting you know when your basement's flooding, and a new frying pan on Indiegogo pings your phone when you're ruining dinner. Take a look!

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D-Link Wi-Fi Water Sensor

D-Link started shipping a smart, simple little water sensor that plugs right into your wall outlet and notifies your phone if it detects a leak. A small cable from the sensor dips down under the plug and beside your washing machine, water heater, or anywhere else in your home that might be vulnerable to water damage. Homeowners will be well aware of how expensive a leak can be, and a small investment in something like this could save you a ton of money. D-Link also kicked off a similar plug-in siren that provides audio alarms based on certain triggers, including detection from the water sensor.

Ventev charginghub 400

Ventev launched a new wired power pack that can keep four devices on your desktop charging. One 2.4 A slot is built for quick charging, and another 3 A is available through the other plugs A 5-foot cable provides plenty of slack to get to the nearest power bar, and means you you won't have be ducking under your desk to fiddle with chargers anymore. Grab one of these if you find you're working with a lot of devices on a daily basis.

Drifter Speaker

A new waterproof, Android-powered speaker can handle tunes totally independently. It can also stream via Bluetooth if you like, though being able to load up streaming music apps locally is pretty nice. A dedicated touchscreen lets you interact with the OS, and 16 GB of storage can hold a respectable amount of tunes. Since this can handle a splash, you'll likely want to make use of the mounts built on either side to keep the Drifter nearby. Battery life is enough for eight hours of playback. Preorders start now, with shipments expected around October. If this kind of thing is your bag, take a gander at some of iMore's favorite waterproof Bluetooth speakers for similar (admittedly less fancy) alternatives.


$100 Buy now

A particularly promising Indiegogo campaign has kicked off for a frying pan with a connected touchscreen included in the handle. The SmartPrompt pan by Key Ingredient pairs up with your phone to display recipes, keeps tabs on your meal's temperature, and notifies your phone when it's time to change the heat or if it's close to burning. The Key Ingredient folks are also offering a probe without the display if you'd rather keep using your existing pans. The SmartPrompt pan is expected to start shipping this November.

Key Ingredient SmartPrompt Pan


$250 Buy now

Pebble recently kicked off preorders for the extra-fancy version of their latest smartwatch. The Pebble Time Steel maintains excellent battery life, but wraps it all up in black-, silver-, or gold-finished steel frame. Steel bands will be available later this year for another $50, but in the meantime, you can enjoy a particularly classy leather band. Read our review of the less steely version to get an idea of what to expect. The Pebble Time Steel will start shipping next month.

Pebble Time Steel

Your favorite gadgets of the week?

That's the best stuff we've been able to dig up this week, but drop a link in the comments with the best new Android-friendly gear you've spotted.

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