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Don't these two look good together? Through an unconfirmed report via anonymous tipster to Chris Ziegler at engadget, the T-Mobile G1 may be coming to a Walmart near you. This isn't too surprising given that I've seen some of my most favorite and sought-after phones pop up in places like Best Buy and Super Target, but the intriguing part is the price.

According to the anonymous tip, Walmart will be selling the G1 at a significantly lower price point at a wonky $148.88 with a 2-year contract. Last time I checked, the best price you can get from T-Mobile is $179.99. When can you expect this discounted G1 at Walmart? Try November 24th, in plenty of time for Christmas. I wonder what T-Mobile salespeople in the corporate stores will think of this? What do YOU think?

(Thank you, James (cherryhead25), for the tip!)