Future Tech AwardsSource: Future

With CES 2021 coming to an end, it's time to celebrate the Future Tech Awards. Every year, CES unveils massive hordes of new technology and devices, and this latest virtual event had some outlandish and exciting ideas: rollable phones, a soundbar that splits in half, cheap TCL 8K TVs and more. The Future Tech Awards are here to recognize such innovative products, and the hard workers that made them.

This year's Awards took place right alongside CES 2021 with our entirely virtual "Innovation Week," and were only possible thanks to five key sponsors: HP Inc., Roborock, Thermaltake, Tello and Wondershare. They've been broken up into three categories:

  • Future Choice - The best products, as voted for by Future Tech's editorial committee
  • Reader's Choice - The best products as voted for by Future Tech's readers
  • Future 50 - The top 50 tech people, across five key tech industry categories

"Despite what we might have expected, we are delighted to note that technology is expanding and advancing at a faster rate than ever before. 2020 saw the launch of dozens of incredible new computers, phones, speakers, games, and home automations," said Keith Walker, Managing Director, Specialist Consumer Tech for Future. "In an all-digital format, this year's Future Tech Awards will commemorate these advances and effectively set the stage for an even bolder 2021."

The Future Tech Awards' sponsors described to us how CES' technology can have a powerful and positive influence in the midst of a difficult time in our lives.

"In this year when so many people have been spending more time at home as a result of the pandemic, smart home technologies can be genuinely helpful," Roborock Head of Brand Andy Knight explained. "For instance, robot vacuums help keep floors clean of dust, while smart door locks can eliminate the need to handle keys, preventing the risk of bringing the virus into the home. Smart home devices from temperature controls to voice assistants take away many irritating chores and 'must-dos' leaving people free to focus on the things that bring them joy."

Thermaltake, a PC parts manufacturer, hopes that by expanding its premium gaming offerings, it can bring tech fans some joy while stuck indoors.

"We have decided to create a gaming series that can be enjoyed at all levels, including visual, auditory, and tactility while providing users to game and compete at the highest levels," said Kenny Lin, the CEO of Thermaltake. "The ARGENT series is a concept about creating an ecosystem, the hardware, software, and even the illumination can evolve to a state-of-the-art level. A truly immersive gaming and art enjoyment!"

For those who would rather try to entertain others than entertain themselves, Wondershare has created new tools for content creators that will help get them started. "We are devoted to simplifying the video-making process so our users can free up time for creativity," says Tobee Wu, CEO of Wondershare. "Whether you're a YouTube creator, a small-business owner, or just making great videos for your friends and family, the all new Wondershare Filmora X will change the way creators interact with video editing."

Thanks to these sponsors, Future was able to honor some of the brightest rising stars of the tech industry. Plus, the Awards highlight devices that lived up to the marketing and totally satisfied both critics and the general public due to their excellence. Check the Future Awards Show to see all of the winners.

Then, be sure to check out all of our CES 2021 coverage, where you'll likely see the devices that'll be honored during next year's awards!