Milestone leaked froyo -- aboutMilestone Froyo leak, quadrant

As proof that you can't keep a hacker from besting anything you design, the G.O.T. team wrangled themselves a leak of the upcoming Android 2.2.1 update for the Motorola Milestone, made it better, stronger, and faster, and then released it for the community long before Motorola and the carriers ever will.  And as you can see from the benchmark above, they did an amazing job on the year-old hardware.  In the words of someone who's been running it for a bit "I've been running it for 6 hrs now with no problem. And it's really fast!!"

A few things do need saying here -- there doesn't appear to be a version available for the Cellular South Milestone, and the installation instructions aren't for the timid -- thank the locked-down bootloader for that one fellas.  Have a look at the source link and digest the instructions and decide for yourself if its something you can work out.  There's video (in Korean) of it in action after the break.  [G.O.T.] Thanks for the tip, Sean!


YouTube link for mobile viewing