Android motion demo

Waving your hand in the air to control your phone isn't a new idea -- we've seen talk of it before on Windows Mobile, and it's been implemented on other platforms. But now that Android is getting front-facing cameras (with the Samsung Galaxy S and HTC Evo 4G, for starters), we may finally see gesture commands on our phones in the near future.

And that's where developer eyeSight comes in. It just announced support for Android, which "enables users control their phones and navigate in documents, web pages or maps by using gesture recognition technology."

Check out the full presser and demo video (on a Nokia, sadly) after the break. This pique anyone's interest?

HERZELIYA, Israel, June 8  -- eyeSight Mobile Technologies, a developer of Natural User Interface (NUI) solutions for mobile phones and consumer electronics devices, launched today an innovative technology allowing Android device manufacturers to offer their clients for the first time control over their handsets by using simple hand gestures.


eyeSight's solution utilizes the device's built-in camera, advanced real-time image processing and machine vision algorithms, to track the user's hand motions and convert them into commands. Users of Android devices can now silence an incoming call, navigate between GPS menus, activate their MP3 player, play games and carry many other tasks by simply swiping their hand over the device.


eyeSight's technology is a pure software solution, highly optimized for mobile platforms, offering low CPU and memory requirements, which directly translate to low power consumption. The expected introduction of new Android devices with front-facing-camera by Motorola, HTC and Google will enable to fully utilize the benefits offered by eyeSight technology. The solution enables users control their phones and navigate in documents, web pages or maps by using gesture recognition technology.


"A good technology is an invisible one. eyeSight's Touch Free Interface technology for Android-based devices introduces exactly that – a new level of interaction that is natural, intuitive and simple to use," said Itay Katz eyeSight's Founder & CEO. "Users are looking for ways to ease, improve and enjoy their day to day interaction with their mobile phone, ideally aiming to gain effortless control of the device's applications and functions, which is where eyeSight's solution comes to place."


eyeSight provides a natural and intuitive way to control portable devices and applications. As the number of applications continues to increase, users spend more time navigating complicated menus. So for instance, when using a mobile navigation system, instead of looking for a specific key or clicking specific areas on the screen, the driver  focuses on the road, and controls the device by a simple hand gesture. Moreover, while playing mobile games, eyeSight's technology enables playing by using hand motions emulating real life actions such as - throwing a ball, catching a boomerang, blocking enemy's attacks and more. The technology has been developed to work within many Android phones' apps and provides a new, fun, and exciting way for users to easily control their favorite activities.