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Four million people signed up for Amazon Prime during the holidays

Whatever holiday you celebrate, there's a good chance you bought a few things on Amazon this year whether you were buying gifts for others or treating yourself to make Tom and Donna proud.

Amazon recently shared its biggest numbers/stats for this past year, and one of the highlights is definitely the fact that more than four million people signed up for Amazon Prime during just one week this holiday season. That four million number includes both free trials and paid memberships, and even if a lot of those new members end up canceling after their trial is up, that's still a big win for Amazon.

This holiday season also saw over one billion items ordered by entrepreneurs/small businesses across the world, and Amazon's own Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote were two of the top-selling products on the entire site.

A few other highlights include:

  • Twice as many Fire TV Sticks were purchased compared to last year's holiday season
  • Martinis and Manhattans were the most asked-about drink recipes with Alexa
  • Alexa users on the East Coast asked Alexa to play 2.5x as much music compared to the West Coast
  • Holiday lights were turned on over one million times using Alexa
  • Amazon's mobile app was used 70% more this holiday season
  • Over 1,400 electronics were bought every second during the holidays
  • Four times as much music was streamed with Amazon Music on Alexa compared to last year
  • The Grand Tour was the most-watched show on Prime Video
  • Amazon customers purchased enough littlebits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kits on to man an Imperial-II class Star Destroyer.

For even more holiday tidbits, click/tap here.

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  • Win-Win!
  • I canceled my Prime membership and Amazon account during the holidays! Amazon is not what it used to be. It doesn't take much a quick search to find better deals on other websites. And now that they are using contractors to deliver my "TWO DAY" packages. In most cases it's taking a week or more.
  • If your prime packages are late, you can claim a month prime extension or in some cases a partial refund.
  • Yeah the contractors thing is something that leaves a bitter taste. One of the big plus points was that Amazon logistics are actually competent, at least in my experience. If they're going to use Hermes (a particularly incompetent UK courier) though one day shipping becomes more about whether they lose the package, put it in your bin, or just abandon it outside your property.
  • If it's not prime shipping item then yes, it can take weeks. If your prime packages are taking longer they will compensate you and it should not happen all the time.
  • Amazon will eventual take over the goddamn world.
  • Walmart says hold my beer
  • I think despite Walmart existing longer, Amazon is already a bigger global player. Here for example, Walmart don't even trade under that name, they're Asda, and Asda aren't even the top supermarket. Meanwhile household name Amazon is basically closing down entire town centres lol.
  • Worldwide revenue. Walmart - $485 billion
    Amazon - $140 billion
  • I did. I add another alias to Outlook every December so I can get a free Prime trial for a month and get some Christmas gifts and bargains for myself. I really don't need Prime the rest of the year or not enough to justify the £79 annual membership
  • Can't be that same day delivery! Or getting your stuff in a few hours with Prime Now ☺️
  • I let my Prime lapse. It's been a month and a half already. Amazon is YUUUGE, so I'm trying to support the cause. Maybe start doing more shopping at Target or something. Returns are basically free there. Not that I do many returns, but when I do I won't have to pay amazon 10 bucks to return a small item. Since Amazon also lowered its free shipping to $25 it makes it a bit easier for stuff I can't find anywhere else or something that would be a better deal there. I really want Target to succeed. Give the 2 juggernauts some competition. Don't think anyone else has a chance. Sears, Best Buy, GameStop, Toys R Us, etc., I assume won't be around much longer. But Target needs to hurry up and get their grocery game on if they want to stand a chance, since this is something that Walmart and Amazon are reaping growth in.
  • You missed from your headline : "3.7 million of them did it by mistake because the sign up button is increasingly camouflaged". A friend of mine got caught again this summer. I got caught two years ago, having thought I was wise to them. To this day I cannot work out what I clicked that signed me up, but they wouldn't release me from the trial! Needles to say I cancelled renewal within minutes.