Fossil Gen 5e Michael Kors MktSource: Fossil

What you need to know

  • Fossil has partnered with Michael Kors to launch new styles of the Gen 5E smartwatch.
  • The high-end Darci watch features a stainless steel case and starts at $350.
  • The MKGO watch is made with an aluminum case and starts at $250.

Fossil may not be ready to announce a Gen 6 line of smartwatches, because it's not yet done with the interim Fossil Gen 5E. For CES 2021, the company has just announced partnered with Michael Kors to launch new Access Gen 5E smartwatches, with a premium style and premium price tag to match.

The smartwatch joins Michael Kors' Darci line of watches, making it the first smartwatch of the bunch. It features a premium stainless steel case and a 7-link bracelet. It will be available in three different colorways, with a fourth silver option as an exclusive color to certain regions outside the U.S.

Fossil Gen 5e Michael Kors Access DarciSource: Fossil

The second MKGO smartwatch is more sports-focused, with an aluminum case and branded silicon two-piece strap which should fare well when going out on a run. This model will be offered in four different colorways

Fossil Gen 5E Michael Kors Access MKGOSource: Fossil

Both the Darci and MKGO feature similar specs to the standard Gen 5 smartwatches, including a 1.19" AMOLED display, 1GB of RAM, and 4GB of storage. One of the only noticeable differences, besides their design, is the slight increase in case size from 42mm to 43mm.

The lug size is also set at 20mm, which is set right between the standard Gen 5E lug widths of 18mm and 22mm, so you're out of luck if you want to try pairing them with some of the best bands for the Fossil Gen 5E.

The Michael Kors Access Gen 5E MKGO will match the $250 price tag of the standard Gen 5E, while the Darci smartwatch is being placed as a more premium offering, with a price tag of $350.

The Gen 5 'Lite' Smartwatch

Fossil Mens Gen5e Smartwatch

Fossil Gen 5E

Nearly as good as the Gen 5, for a lower price.

Fossil's Gen 5E smartwatch offers all the essential features that you expect from a smartwatch in 2021. It comes with a vibrant AMOLED display, 3 ATM water resistance, music storage, a PPG heart-rate sensor, and rapid charging support. Recent updates to Wear OS and new Michael Kors models have made this smartwatch a must-have.

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