Google I/O

And so it begins. Google I/O, the annual developer conference that showcases the best of what's to come (and what's currently being used) from the world of Google. That means Android. That means Chrome. That means apps and services and devices and products and cars and — well, that's a ton of stuff going on. This is, first and foremost, a developer conference. But there's also a ton of things going on behind the scenes and in between presentations.

We're going to bring it all to you this week.

And it's going to be a little different than usual. Google has moved the conference out of San Francisco's SoMa district and brought it home, to the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View. That means sun, fresh air — and lots more to see.

We've got a full team covering and learning this week. Here's who you need to follow:

Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry HildenbrandOur resident Linux expert, Jerry knows the ins and outs of what actually makes Android work better than anyone at Android Central. (The beard gives him power.) And what's more is that he can take the low-level code-speak and translate it into things the rest of us can understand, and make it relatable to the products we use every day.

Jerry's a regular on the Android Central Podcast, is a Pisces, and, and loves long walks on virtual beaches. But he hates getting sand in his shorts.

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Phil Nickinson

Phil NickinsonPhil has been attending Google I/O since 2010, back when Eclair was a thing, Froyo was about to become a thing, and dude was clean-shaven. A lot has changed since then. (Especially beards.) Phil's not a coder, but he knows news, knows what's important to the average consumer, and isn't afraid to be wrong every now and then. Or more than every now and then.

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Alex Dobie

Alex DobieThis is Alex's second Google I/O, and his first since 2012, where as penance he had to take home a Nexus Q. He'd been trying to sneak into our bags the past few years, but found himself in China during I/O 2015, and tied up commanding AC's keynote coverage from back home the year before that. He's Mobile Nations' token British person, which means he sometimes spells words funny and can make things sound more believable and authoritative just by saying them with his voice. Follow for lols, food pictures and behind-the-scenes goodies from Mountain View.

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Andrew Martonik

Andrew MartonikThis is Andrew's first appearance at Google I/O. As such, he's been slated to deliver all the bags to their respective rooms, ensure fresh flowers are swapped out every morning, and turn-down service in the evenings. Even with that being the case (okay, not really), you can't hide the excitement he has to get to the show and see everything Google is working on for this year and into the future. You can expect Andrew's opinions about everything from the show, but particularly Android, apps, Google services and Chrome OS.

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Daniel Bader

Daniel BaderDaniel Bader has been covering the Canadian mobile industry since there before Tim Horton's was bought by Wendy's and subsequently sold to Burger King. (Look it up, it's true!) He has attended Google I/O since 2012, when everyone, including him, thought Google Glass was going to be a thing people bought and wore without shame.

While he is an I/O pro, this is his first with the Android Central team, and is excited to participate in all the shenanigans — especially that prank Jerry pulls on Alex every year that no one knows about.

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Michael Fisher

Michael FisherMichael Fisher has been enamored of Android technology since he first saw Star Trek's Commander Data flip open a tricorder sometime in the early '90s.

While he's carried a Google-powered smartphone since 2010 and covered the mobile-tech beat since 2012, this will be his first appearance at Google I/O and only his third time in San Francisco.

He's stoked for sourdough, swag, and sweet software (maybe not in that order ... okay, yes, in that order).

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