We've rounded up the best rugged Bluetooth speakers we could find. You'll want to have one of these for a soundtrack while hitting the trails, beaches, slopes, or whatever other rough-and-tumble environment you like finding yourself in. These speakers are even good for taking calls in a pinch. In some cases, they'll also be waterproof, but not always. We're focusing primarily on impact and dust protection for this batch.

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro

The Buckshot Pro by Outdoor Tech is a stylish Bluetooth speaker that can take a few licks. On top of drop protection and water resistance, the Buckshot Pro can act as a backup battery for your phone, and comes with a flashlight attachment that can be set to torch, lamp, or flash modes. You'll also get a handy elastic mount to stick the speaker on handlebars or just about anywhere else. Overall, the Buckshot Pro hits some key points in portability and utility.

Braven BRV-PRO

The Braven BRV-PRO is an extra-tough speaker with waterproof protection and a ton of mounting options. You can kit out this speaker with a solar charging panel as easily as a GoPro camera. Of course you'll get good sound for music, the option for taking calls, and charge your phone in a pinch. The BRV-PRO boasts 15 hours of playback, which should be plenty for whatever your expedition may need.

Altec Lansing Life Jacket 2

Altec Lansing made an obnoxiously tough speaker called the Life Jacket. The video above shows just how much physical punishment it can take. As the name suggests, it's also fully waterproof and floats wherever you toss it. The Life Jacket is available in bright white, blue, and orange trim, though its strong lines aren't exactly designed for fashion. You'll get 16 hours of playback over Bluetooth, or you can plug in directly with a 3.5 jack. It's also easy to charge up your devices from the speaker.

Fugoo Tough

The Tough by Fugoo demands attention due to its excellent 40-hour battery life, 6-foot drop protection, and all-around waterproofing. A variety of jackets and mounts are available to adapt the speaker to any occasion. It can be paired up to multiple devices, and provide easy access to Google Now. Keep the Fugoo Tough in mind if you have a brutal marathon on the horizon. Check out iMore's review for a closer look. Also, keep an eye out for the upcoming Fugoo XL, which promises a lot more of the same in a bigger package.

Eton rukus Xtreme

The rukus Xtreme is a relatively larger speaker, but has the added bonus of a built-in solar panel to keep the music and your phone going for the long haul. It's built to handle drops of up to a meter, and can handle a bit of splashing (though it's not fully waterproof). Support for Digital Signal Processing may be an attraction for those looking for higher-quality sound, plus the rukus Xtreme has a carrying handle to make moving around convenient. Nab one of these if you intend on settling in somewhere for awhile.

Your favorite rugged Bluetooth speaker?

That's a sampling of the best tough speakers out there, but what are you using? Where do you use your Bluetooth speaker the most?

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