The new Fitbit Charge 5 tracker has a killer display and smartwatch features for $180

Fitbit Charge 5 Lifestyle Group
Fitbit Charge 5 Lifestyle Group (Image credit: Fitbit)

What you need to know

  • Fitbit just announced the new Charge 5 fitness tracker.
  • The Charge 5 has a color touchscreen, EDA and ECG sensors, and seven-day battery life.
  • Preorders begin today at and other retailers for $180.

Today, Google-owned Fitbit announced an update to its popular lineup of fitness trackers with the all-new Charge 5. Charge devices have always served as Fitbit's most advanced trackers outside of its popular smartwatches like the Versa 3 and Sense, and the Charge 5 continues in that tradition, bringing smartwatch features to the fitness tracker category.

Fitbit says it has sold over 40 million Charge devices, with a strong user base representing 1 of every 3 Fitbit users today.

Even though the Charge 5 is the successor to the popular Charge 4, it looks more like a larger version of its newer sibling, the fashion-forward Luxe. The updated Charge 5 includes premium features like a large AMOLED color touchscreen with an always-on display, a slimmer and lighter casing, seven-day battery life, onboard GPS, contactless payments through Fitbit Pay, and the ability to use Google's Fast Pair technology with Android devices for faster device setup.

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The Charge 5 is the first Fitbit tracker to come equipped with the advanced EDA (electrodermal activity) and ECG (electrocardiogram) sensors found on the Fitbit Sense smartwatch. These sensors will enable users to measure their temperature and stress levels (EDA) more accurately and monitor for heart irregularities (ECG). The EDA functionality will be available at launch, with the ECG app coming to customers in select countries post-launch.

Fitbit Premium Daily Readiness Pixel

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Debuting with the Charge 5 and soon to come to other newer Fitbit devices is something Fitbit calls the Daily Readiness experience. This new feature helps users to better understand when their body is ready to work out or if they might benefit from additional rest and recovery. This information is displayed in the Fitbit app each morning with a score based on a combination of metrics, including activity, heart rate variability (HRV), and sleep history. Fitbit will also use this data to provide suggested workouts, guided mindfulness and meditation sessions, and recovery advice through Fitbit Premium.

Customers who purchase a new Charge 5 will enjoy six free months of Fitbit Premium to try out all of these new workouts, mindfulness sessions, recovery tips, and in-depth analytics.

Fitbit Premium Will Smith

Source: Fitbit (Image credit: Source: Fitbit)

Speaking of Premium content, Fitbit has added even more workout and mindfulness partners, including Daily Burn, LES MILLS, and Calm. Fitbit and Calm will also be introducing 30 new Calm activities to Premium subscribers, and the two companies are working on additional ways to integrate Calm activities with EDA scan sessions. And for a fun little surprise, Fitbit also announced rapper and actor Will Smith as its newest fitness ambassador, alluding to forthcoming collaborations with the Hollywood star.

The Charge 5 comes in three colorways: Graphite and Black, Platinum and Steel Blue, and Gold and Lunar White. Fitbit will also have a number of accessory band options, including sport bands, nylon hook and loop bands, and Horween leather options.

With a stylish new look and enhanced health and fitness features, we fully expect the Charge 5 to rank among the best fitness trackers you can buy. And speaking of buying the Charge 5, the tracker is available today for preorder from Fitbit's website and other retailers worldwide for $180. Even though it features an all-new design and advanced health sensors, this price marks a significant jump over the Charge 4, which originally retailed for $130.

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