You've seen the first ads for the new Moto X, and now Motorola's taking to showing off the Moto 360 in similar fashion. The first 58-second video, titled "Choose Moto 360" offers a quick look through the physical design of the Android Wear-powered smartwatch, from paper conception to stainless steel milling to the leather strap.

It's a nice little spot that highlights just how much attention Motorola paid to the design of the 360. Unsurprisingly, most of what we see of the watch in video is of it being, well, a watch. Only at the end do we get our first glimpse of it being a smart watch, with Android Wear notifications and voice control sneaking in before the 58-second spot ends.

And yes, several of the drawings and a few of the mock-ups don't include the infamous black bar. It's a commercial — things are always dressed up to seem better than they are. Even so, the Moto 360 is our favorite Android Wear smartwatch so far.

Source: Motorola (YouTube)