ASUS Lolliflash

How many times have you taken a selfie and wished you had a dual-LED flash that sort of looks like the business end of a lollipop sticking out of the 3.5mm head phone jack of your phone, ready to better light your face to give you more natural skin tones? Surely it must have happened once, right? No?

No matter. ASUS has you covered with the new Lolliflash. (Go on, say it in your head three or four times.)

It's a simple enough proposition. You charge the thing up over USB, then turn it on to one of the three settings and leave it plugged in to the headphone jack of your Zenfone 2. (Or any other phone, we suppose.) If you really want to get saucy there are a few color filters you can apply. Then just snap away.

The Lolliflash will be available from the end of the month for $14.99.

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