As great as Firefox is for desktop web browsing, right now, it's just as bad for mobile browsing. Okay, it's not that bad. But really, Firefox Mobile (they dropped the Fennec moniker to prevent confusion) is at such an infantile stage that it's hardly relevant in the scope of mobile web browsers.

But not all hope is lost because the Firefox Mobile team has some pretty great ideas about mobile web browsing. They want to build Firefox Mobile on the same pillars of the desktop Firefox: include the "awesome bar" where the url bar doubles as a search bar, maintain the security of Firefox, and more importantly and dramatically, include add-ons.

The bigger question is will all that potentially great stuff come to Android? The answer: not in the near future. According to Mozilla's head of business:

 "The BlackBerry platform is basically a Java environment that they expose to application developers, and we're not written in Java, so that's tricky. The same is true for Android, so you won't see our mobile browser on Android for the moment"


I guess it doesn't hurt to wait for a Firefox Mobile because it's clearly not ready for prime time yet but we're going to be VERY disappointed if it never supports Android. What do you guys think? Anyone interested in using Firefox Mobile?

[via moconews]