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Finally, Google's store didn't implode on Nexus pre-order day

Google's press event in San Francisco kicks off, and the new Nexus 6P and 5X are shown on stage — now, thousands of people start refreshing the Google Store waiting for pre-orders to go live. We've been here before, and we know that historically if you don't get an order in in the first 10 minutes of availability, you'll be cursing at your computer watching the page fail to refresh and the ordering system fall apart trying to process orders.

The store links go live, orders start arriving. 30 minutes in, the Google Store is still up, and all of the SKUs are still available. Two hours in, wait, the store is still up? Wake up this morning, head to the Google Store — "they must be sold out now ..." — and nope, both phones (and the new Chromecasts) are sitting waiting for your order.

For once, it looks like Google's online storefront may have actually held up to the rush of day one pre-orders of Nexus devices.

Nexus 6P and 5X

Compared to previous years — honestly, even just last year with the Nexus 6 — yesterday's ordering was an absolute breeze. Sure those who bought right away are still looking at two to four weeks before their shiny new Nexus is delivered, but what's important is that orders actually went through. And if you committed to buying one, you can go to your order history in the Google Store and see your order waiting to ship. No more guessing, repeat orders or Google Wallet failures.

More importantly than surviving the rush, phones are still for sale on the second day as well

Perhaps more importantly than surviving the rush of the first couple hours is the fact that anyone looking at the news today and deciding to buy a Nexus 6P or 5X can go do so — they don't have to sit and wait for the phones to come back in stock at a later date. As reserves of phones ran low we saw the Google Store gracefully slip shipping times from "2 - 3 weeks" to "3 - 4 weeks" and even "4 - 5 weeks" depending on the configuration of phone, but importantly they never actually went "out of stock" where you couldn't order them at all. People can still, today, go to the store and put down cash for a phone.

With no carrier availability and at this point Huawei's own site being the only non-Google place to buy just one of the two phones, it's about darn time that Google held up to the rush of orders from its own store. Add to this the new offering of Nexus Protect insurance, and new support efforts in conjunction with the launch of Project Fi, and we may finally have turned the page on bad ordering experiences from Google.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Lol... Good for them. Glad to see that they can get it done +++ Insert witty signature, watch as others not get it, profit +++
  • Our maybe it wasn't as high a demand. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Just like the demand of those wheels on your car... Eww Delivered by my Shamu
  • Lol so my comment gets deleted but y'all leave this pointless comment up? Lol smh. Posted via the Android Central App
  • What are thooooooose!
  • Or* * sent from my Note 5, with an S Pen safely inserted TIP FIRST.*
  • Your correction now makes my life complete. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Judging by XDA's N6P and N5X shipment waiting room and the blooming size of project Fi support Forum, there are plenty of demand.
  • Right a "shipment" room explains it all... Posted via the Android Central App
  • It only represents the Church of Google's Zealots, the actual Nexus population is much larger than that. Since you and NoNexus don't practice Googlism it might be hard to comprehend
  • Cool story. But forgive me for saying anything that might appear negative in any kind of way to the Nexus god. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Exactly lots of people like me waited last year and held on to our N5... it's time to finally get new nexus or nexi again!!!
  • No demand was high, just have 2 choices from 2 different manufacturers helped with volume. Not too mention Huwawei can make devices quickly.
  • Says the douche using a Surface.
  • You can order any time. Smooth. I do wonder how they will deal with the backlog though. It seems way too easy to just buy one. Betting there will be some angry people when shipments begin. Posted via the Android Central App
  • True. Wouldn't be surprised.
    At least I won't be one of those waiting :) VZW Moto X 2014/2013 DE
  • You're saying shipments will be delayed? Guess we'll see, but I have a feeling the fact that they're giving conservative shipping estimates means they'll be able to fulfill them.
  • Oh I don't know Andrew. I mean, you can just up and order all you like right now, all with the same shipping range as the F5'rs seconds after the link went live. That just seems a bit too good to be true...unless demand was way lower than previous Nexus (botched) launches. I am still mad over the Nexus 4 (and 5 for that matter) absolute fiasco years ago, so take this with a grain a salt lol.
  • My Nexus 5 Shipment came 21 days early, Google usually give pretty conservative shipment dates on these.
  • Conservative shipping estimates, indeed. Every time I've ordered a device from the Play Store at or around launch (which would be a Nexus 4, 10, 5, and a couple of Chromecasts), I've initially been told that my device would ship in a week or so, and then it's shipped within a couple of days. Hopefully this launch follows suit. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Let's hope so they were alway right on with my N4, N5, N10 and previous N7's. Let's hope for early since we got in at the beginning. I had a feeling the N5x would ship before the N6p and dates did reflect that.
  • Shipments reported at Droid Life, everyone ordered on day 1 is being given a 2-3 week time frame before it ships.
  • They probably won't have a backlog of 5X, what with all the people canceling their orders.
  • Can't believe it go ahead ole GOO! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Maybe because the demand for these phones wasn't that high. I was looking to upgrade my Nexus 5 but was underwhelmed. Posted via the A/C app for WebOS
  • Nah, everyone loves the stock Android experience on a Nexus device, that couldn't possibly the case. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yeah! "Pure Android Nexus" is function over form, not like those crappy phones that are form over function. You know, like how those OTHER phones leave out wireless charging so they can have metal backs and thinner phones... oh, wait...
  • or so they can fit 2600 mAh batteries, oh wait
  • Or give you touchwiz :P
  • same here. also WebOS? LOL Nexus 5 | T-Mobile $30 Plan
  • I dream of a WebOS return, still clinging onto a Veer & Pre 3. BlackBerry Priv maybe my only solution for the QWERTY element. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Exactly. Put down the pitchforks - I got an iPhone 6s.
  • It looks like the iPhone S phones are actually winners this time. I don't want one, but they do look like good phones.
  • Everyone I know that got one said it's basically the same thing all over again.. We all knew that. It's pretty sad. So boring. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The camera looks amazing though.. Looks like they retook the crown.
  • It is. I was just so bummed to hear about all the ways that Google was going to be skimping on features with the new line... No OIS, no Qi, lower RAM than anticipated, storage capacity isn't great... and I still think that fingerprint sensor is in a really stupid spot.
  • so is 32 Gb frost sold out or not available for sale in the first place?
  • That color is only available in 64GB and 128GB
  • Yeah, and let me tell u a short story... Last year it was a disaster, I had to fight last year to get a n6 refreshing for days. So I figured this year would be the same, so this time I waited for the keynote to end periodically refreshing the play store... But when the keynote actually ended I sat there refreshing cause I thought it would be another disaster. And all of a sudden it updated to the new devices I rushed through the process and got a aluminium 64gb /nexus care... Maybe I should have gotten a graphite idk. But I wish I had taken more time to decide. And they are still totally available today (go figure). This is the problem , consistency . I bet next year I won't trip cause this year was a breeze, but watch it be flipped back to disaster and I'll be fighting into December to get the device. Also they should have shipped sooner, the last thing I wanna do is compare em to apple believe me. But.............. Posted via the Android Central App
  • So you would have rather had them make buying a Nexus terrible again? Google can't win. Posted via Nexus 5
  • Some people always need something to complain about.
  • Some people just like to watch the world burn....
  • Yeah but it was kinda fun to see if you could meet the challenge of getting one...people would get them in their basket and take too long and it would be gone from their basket. Got my 64GB blue! Had to be fast to get one!
  • You should try to get a oneplus then? way, way more fun.
  • Why would you work so hard to give a company your money?
  • must still be waiting for his invite from that other company!
  • Lol. Still waiting for mine. Posted via the Android Central App
  • All I read was, "bitch, bitch, bitch, I fucked up the color, bitch, bitch, bitch." Posted via the Android Central App
  • I seriously do not understand your complaint at all. So you're mad that Google did their job? Also, just cancel your order and buy the one you really want, then. Seriously, you're not stuck with your first choice.
  • That's exactly what I did. Cancelled my 64GB Graphite 6P order about 7 hours after the initial order which was right after they went live and purchased the same device but in white. Doing this actually bumped my shipping date up a week by as well. Posted via the AC beta app
  • Sticking with my gut. 64Gb Graphite. pining for the Silver but nah. would just cover it with a black case anyway and not overly fond of the black bar at the top. Don't mind the wait. If this looks as good as my 1520 did, it will be well worth it.
  • What color was your 1520? Black I presume? I had one in black myself (I called it the Darth Vader edition ;-)).
  • There'so much stupidity in this, it boggles the mind.
  • ageed, i rushed through and bought both phones so quickly, fearing it would timeout and the order wouldn't go through. i didn't bother with accessories because of past experiences with time being so limited. it's fun rushing to spend over $1k lol
  • lol, me to. had 3 laptops and my phone lined up and ready to go, read nothing just clicked black then 64MB, clicked check out and was shockingly good to go#
  • I do wish there were other options for purchasing like BestBuy or carriers but at least we had an option that worked. Unfortunately the only payment option with Google is with your cards while you might also have discount programs with BB or payment options from carriers. For me, there was enough time between the order/ship dates to take a wait and see approach. I'm just not sure I want to spend $600 on something 4-6 weeks from now. I know I could cancel but that's a long time to wait so I'll keep my phone for now and order when the lead times are shorter. There are 1-2 phones rumored for October plus you could easily see discounts from Samsung & LG during October that make them better options. Couldn't decide on a color either and didn't see a single hands on comment on the look of the different models.
  • I wish bestbuy also sold it so I could go in and get some hands on with one before deciding which to buy. Moto does it with the x pure why cant google?
  • agreed, but keep in mind the reason the process are what they are is cause companies like best buy aren't getting a cut. just order and if need be return ... not saying that's ideal but it's an option!
  • Fourth time's a charm?
  • I guess, they finally didn't underestimate demand and under produced the phone. Plus they partnered with Huawei, which can deliver any number you need.
    Also, I don't think that these 2 offerings are all that attractive "must buy", so yeah, no worries, Play Store will remain open :) VZW Moto X 2014/2013 DE
  • This is a good thing. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Demand is soft.....Love what google is doing on the software side, but let's face it, this hardware is just OK. Owned a N4 and a N5, poor cameras, don't see that changing when the reviews come out.
    If I could get pure android 6.0 on my note 4 that would be great.
  • So, you have numbers proving that, or like everyone else, talking out of their ass?
  • "but importantly they never actually went "out of stock" where you couldn't order them at all." This is not entirely true. There was a little bit during the keynote (or maybe just after) where I went to the google store to check the ordering out. The 64 and 128 GB 6P in graphite were listed as out of stock. They came back up and you could order again at some point later, but they were out for that short period. Those were the only models where that was the case. Not really sure what exactly went on there.
  • They're out of stock. They're just calling it something else, like "4-5 weeks". Posted via the Android Central App
  • Cut them sum slack they're just a start up company Posted via the Android Central App
  • Smooth because carriers aren't involved! I like where this is going. Thanks Apple, Motorola, Google, and Microsoft next week for the change and letting consumers buy unlocked devices directly from the manufacturer.
  • They handled the Chromecast orders good as well. My order for one has already shipped from their site. * sent from my Note 5, with an S Pen safely inserted TIP FIRST.*
  • I have mine in hand already.
  • Which hand? Right or Left? How does it feel "in hand?" Things we need to know.
  • Well, we are paying nearly 300 dollars more here in Australia. Yet the phones are coming from China. So exchange rate is not an excuse. Aussie consumers bring ripped off again. Sick of it. Come on Google. Posted via Android Central App
  • Google isn't just charging you more just for the fun of it. They're charging the equivalents to the best of their abilities. You have to realize that there are exchange rates at play (yes, to USD, because Google is a US company), as well as tariffs, import taxes and plenty of other local taxes. The USD is damn strong right now, to the tune of about $0.70 USD to $1 AUS. That makes a huge difference in pricing.
  • Agreed. I keep seeing the Australia posters blast Google all over forms for ripping them off. I mean, sorry US products cost more in your country. There are reasons outside of "we're printing cash off of these fools brah!"
  • what's more important ... Google making a profit from the sale of the phone(s) or do they just want these in as many hands as possible in an effort to capitalize on the back end via Fi?
  • Can't buy the Nexus 6P (at least) in Australia
  • Can't buy the 5X from the Australian Google store either. Anywhere else in Australia taking preorders?
  • Yea. I had no problem placing my orders. I canceled a d reordered 4 times because I couldn't decide on color. Comments on these forums keep making change my mind lol Posted via Android Central App
  • Man, I remember when I ordered the Nexus 4 during the announcement. i was surprised I got through and ordered mine. I remember a short time later. They were sold out. Ahhhhhhh........the feeling of getting in before it implodes.
  • Probably a lot of people got turned off of past experiences trying to order lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • I ordered a 6p today. Went through the process and finished ordering, but got an email saying the order failed. Went right back to the store, did the whole process again and everything checked out. Posted via the Android Central App
  • One thing you left out. Accessories were actually available at launch as well. It's sad that this is a highlight, but still very welcome. Way to show up Google! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Able to handle all 14 orders
  • Yup
  • I hope I am not wrong for preordering the Nexus 6P
  • I'm glad I was able to preorder with no issues. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I believe it's the designs of both phones been putting some people off.
  • Not sure if it's softer demand or better infrastructure. Either way, glad that this year's Nexus ordering wasn't a disaster. Here lies the "2016 Flagship Killer". It got slayed by 2015 flagships like the LG G4 being used to post this.
  • I don't know how i feel about the Nexus 5x or the 6p, i wish the 5x had a more powerful SoC and the 6p had a RGB display instead of a penile one which has missing pixels!!! WTF!?
  • Penile? Lol giggity.
  • Am I the only one that finds the back of these 2 Nexus models really ugly?
  • Yes Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yeah I don't think the availablity of devices for preorder indicates that it hasn't exploded. I just think people are now on the fence on the device especially if they cannot buy it from the carriers or BB/Amazon. Not to mention that customers will not have a way to demo the Nexus 6P and 5X devices in a store which I know a lot of folks out there prefer to try their tech before they buy. They can spin it how they want but I think not as many people preordered the phone until launch to see what Google will do.
  • The shopping experience was certainly pleasant, more so than years past. A couple of things to note since people are thinking it might be due to softer demand. I think it has more to do with Huaweai and LG having better scalability in terms of pumping out units in mass. It also helps that the stock on a whole isn't being split between various carriers in the US. Also there are two models from two different OEMs with 15 configurations combined, so people aren't all focused on getting just one model. I imagine Google anticipated a major rush the first day at least, so they probably devoted more resources to handling the initial load of first day preorders. It's unfortunate that we have to wait long for shipment but I'm happy to have just put an order in. I think it still matters if you get your order in early as mine apparently will deliver Oct 27th/28th. Haven't seen many others with that ship date with most going into November.
  • Nexus 5X Black.... Oct 23rd here. Ordered the the first hour of availability. Also received my Project FI invite after ordering. Sim arriving same time.
  • Maybe lack of subsidized pricing through carriers or lack of financing options are the reasons behind the availability. I don't think there's a huge line of people knocking Google's for down to pay upwards of 650 dollars for a phone that IN MY OPINION, is excellent but doesn't tick off all the boxes to justify that price point or to drop 400.00+ for a disappointing nexus 5 refresh. I could with all the confidence in the world say that if both were 100-150.00 cheaper, the online store would be overloaded.
  • dont forget the other nexus releases were preorders. so the rush to go buy asap is obviously not present. for the nexus 4 and 5 i was waiting on the page to go live. to buy now i can wait. since it wont get to me for another month anyway. anyone want a nexus 6? gimme an offer
  • "but importantly they never actually went "out of stock" where you couldn't order them at all. " That's a negative. Yesterday, I tried ordering the 6P Graphite 64 GB and it prompted the item was not available. The 6P Frost 32 GB showed Out of stock all day yesterday and today it shows "Not Available"
  • With no option to get on my carrier I'm not interested in a nexus right now. Honestly disappointed with availability. Posted via the Android Central App
  • People are waiting for the price to drop. The massive N6 has been going for only $300 lately and so will these sooner than later.
  • After going through the last 2 Nexus pre-orderr hell I will keep my N6 for a while and order a 6P a little later after all the initial rush dies down. I am not going through that mess again!
  • I think it's a bit to pricey for me if they want to compete with Samsung and Apple they need to do better for the Huawei version
  • Who cares? The store is STILL not available in my country.
  • Lower volume/interest in the new phones would be my guess.