Final Fantasy Record Keeper gets first major update, lets you break through the level cap

The free-to-play mobile RPG Final Fantasy Record Keeper launched in March. It promised players the chance to collect all of their favorite heroes from the Final Fantasy series and send them to battle in a vast assortment of dream scenarios. Several minor updates since then have added new dungeons and heroes to the game without making any significant tweaks.

This weekend, DeNA and Square-Enix delivered Final Fantasy Record Keeper's first major update. Some of the many additions include a new quest system, a social system, an increased level cap, balance changes, and much more. Read on for our full impressions of Record Keeper's new changes and features!

Update notes

Here's the short list of changes in the June update. To see the full list, check out the June 8 news post at the Final Fantasy Record Keeper Strategy Site.

  • Break the Level Cap: Reach new heights by breaking the level cap! Get ready for tougher foes!
  • Record Materia Passive Abilities: Customize your characters further with new Record Materia abilities!
  • Quests: Earn a host of rewards by accepting Quests!
  • Roaming Warriors: Summon friends into battle to aid your encounters!
  • Battle Speed: Change the battle speed whenever you want, even mid-battle!
  • Check the Boss Before Entering a Dungeon: Learn their weaknesses and pick your party accordingly!

Final Fantasy Record Keeper 1st major update

Breaking the level cap

Prior to the update, the max experience level for each character was 50. That limit can now be exceeded by finding an individual character's Memory Crystal. Use that special item and the hero's level limit will rise to 65. The character can also then equip character-specific Record Materia, new equipment that provides passive bonuses. For example, the Winning Spirit gives Titus the Haste effect when his HP gets low.

The first character who can break the level cap is Tidus, the protagonist of Final Fantasy X. He was initially given away as a preregistration bonus, so only early adopters could use him. Tidus can now be acquired once again during the limited time event "Operation Mi'ihen." Just complete all 10 basic locations in the event to unlock him.

Beating the event's fifth Elite location for the first time also gets you Tidus's Memory Crystal! With that item, you're ready to raise Tidus to his maximum potential.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper 1st major update


The most significant addition in the June update is the new Quest system. To access quests, select Realms and then look for the Quest icon at the top-right corner of the screen.

Quests are optional side missions that players can accept and complete. You can only work on five quests at a time, so choose wisely.

The initial quests on offer will teach new players some of the game's mechanics like upgrading weapons and using the Relic Draws. Some quests are dedicated to completing specific areas from the various Final Fantasies, whereas others focus on raising characters from those games to higher levels.

These quests provide plenty of incentive to go back and play early areas. They also create a compelling reason to level up characters you might otherwise ignore, such as the (likely less popular) guys from Final Fantasy I & II.

Completing quests gets players some great rewards like Mythril (premium currency) and Growth Eggs for leveling up characters. Now the game has an additional layer of structure and goals beyond clearing out the realms and limited time events.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper 1st major update

Making friends

The last big change is the Roaming Warrior system. You can now recruit another player's character each time you visit a dungeon. These characters can then be summoned twice per dungeon. They will perform a special move of an offensive or defensive nature, providing some welcome support for those tough areas.

You'll get a gold bonus every time another player recruits one of your heroes, so be sure to set up a good character for people to summon. Select Menu and head to Profile to prepare. Name yourself – nobody wants to recruit the default name! Set up your message, and then pick your character and his or her equipment.

Need a friend to fight alongside you? Follow me by choosing Friends from the Menu and searching for this player ID: Gyij. I look forward to teaming up with you guys!

Final Fantasy Record Keeper was already a treat for fans of the series. With the latest update's additions and improvements, it has become one of the best mobile Final Fantasy games in town.

Paul Acevedo