Watch Warriors

Sometimes the day seems too long, too busy, and you feel you would belong better in another time. Or maybe you just really like being in touch with your inner warrior. Watch Warriors on Android Wear has these awesome faces to make sure you don't have the face the day alone.

Watch Warriors is a super simple watch face. It doesn't display the weather, or give you customization options. At all. It displays the time out in simple block lettering that is easy to read whether the face is active or not. What the face does have, are 5 fantastic different faces to choose from.

The Brawler, Archeress and Necromancer

Each face is a different warrior to help get you through the day. They more or less follow common RPG stereotypes, and each one is illustrated in simple colors with a bold, blocky illustration style. You can choose between the Brawler, Necromancer, Inn Keep, Ninja, or Archeress. They all display well in active and ambient mode, and are designed to fit a round or square watch face. It is a shame that you can't adjust the colors or customize anything, but each face is still really well done.

Each face is sufficiently different from the last. Most of them do well in full sunlight, the exception being Bones the Necromancer. His colors tend to get rather washed out, because he's animated in mostly whites and light grays. By comparison Myliel the Archeress and Tiny the Brawler both are easily visible.

The Ninja and Innkeeper

All told, Watch Warriors for Android Wear is an awesome and stylized face that lets you sport one of five tiny warriors on your wrist. Whether you like having backup in the form of a brawler, or you just like letting your geek flag fly with an archeress, they can be an awesome addition to your lineup. Available for $0.99 over on the Google Play Store, we recommend it for anyone who likes a dash of fantasy in their day to day life.