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Fieldrunners 2 introduces elevation to the classic tower defense formula

The sequel to one of the most widely-loved tower defense games has finally come to Android. Fieldrunners 2 expands on the cute graphics and wide strategic elements of the original with new maps, new towers, new creeps, and upgraded visuals.

The biggest change is the introduction of trenches, bridges, and tunnels. Adding elevation to the mix introduces a whole new challenge to the classic tower defense formula.  Puzzle, sudden death, and time trial game modes are all available across a bunch of different landscapes. 

As much as I like Fieldrunners, I'd really like to see Spice Bandits come to Android at some point. Any tower defense fans out there? How many hours did you put into the original Fieldrunners? You can snag Fieldrunners 2 for $2.99 at the link above.