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Feel extra smart by getting half off Fauna Audio Glasses for Black Friday

Fauna Audio Glasses 9
Fauna Audio Glasses 9 (Image credit: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central)

Sometimes, smart glasses don't feel very smart. For the price, you often get features that are cool but, ultimately, don't feel like they were worth the money you spent. That all changes this Black Friday with Fauna Audio Glasses, which are half off at Amazon right now.

For just $99, Fauna Audio Glasses will look and feel great on your face and help you do a few more things hands-free throughout your day. Fauna Audio Glasses come in several different styles and colors, all of which are on sale for Black Friday!

Fauna Audio Glasses connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and can play music or act as a mouthpiece for your favorite virtual assistant, whether that's Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or even Apple's Siri.

Nestled within each temple is a quality speaker that'll let you jam to your favorite tunes throughout the day without ever having to put a pair of earbuds in your ears. They're built in a way that won't let everyone around you hear your music clearly, but you'll be enjoying your favorite songs every time you slap them on your face. These speakers are also higher quality than what you'll find in something like Amazon Echo Frames

50% off for Black Friday

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Fauna Audio Glasses connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and let you listen to music and chat with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and even Siri. They're also an amazing and stylish way to get smart reminders throughout your day. This half off early Black Friday deal will make you feel even smarter, too!

Since Fauna Audio Glasses connect to your smartphone and have two beam-forming mics, you can make hands-free phone calls with your glasses and not have to worry about distracting background noise mucking up the call.

The left temple features a touchpad that can be used to quickly control things like volume —done by swiping forward or backward — while a tap will accept or end calls, and even pause or play music.

The right temple has all the controls for your virtual assistant; a handy differentiation that keeps you from accidentally calling up your assistant when you just meant to play music.

If that wasn't enough to wet your whistle, Fauna build a feature into its Audio Glasses called Whistles, which can be used to set reminders for yourself throughout the day. They're a better way to keep on top of things since you won't have to pull your smartphone out of your pocket just to get an important reminder.

We haven't seen Fauna's glasses this discounted before, so be sure to jump on them before they're all gone!

Nicholas Sutrich
Nicholas Sutrich
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